World’s Most Famous Aussies

Matthew Flinders

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Aussies represent a young and relatively small nation – especially if we judge by the size of their country. Yet, there have been a lot of Australians who made it to the history books or went straight to worldwide stardom. Some very famous Hollywood actors and popular singers were in fact in Australia, but there are many other Aussies who made important scientific or geographical discoveries. That’s why today’s post will be all about world’s most famous Aussies and their extraordinary achievements:

Sir Matthew Flinders

Sir Matthew Flinders is the one who should always be the top famous Aussie. He was a great explorer and the first European to circumnavigate world’s smallest continent. Once he got an idea about this newly discovered piece of land, he decided to call it Terra Australis, as in ‘the Southern Land’. This is how the name ‘Australia’ got into use.

Mel Gibson

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We all know Mel Gibson. After traveling to California and becoming famous with movies like Madmax, Braveheart or Lethal Weapon, Mel Gibson went on and tried his luck at directing. The result was, let’s say, controversial – we all remember the crude scenes in The Passion of the Christ. However, Mel Gibson remains a charming presence on screen – we can only blame his childhood in the sunny Australia.

Olivia Newton John

If you haven’t seen Grease it means that you have no right to call yourself a movie buff (not even a movie person, actually). This Australian born actress has made an unforgettable couple with John Travolta. She was one of the most recognizable voices in the ’70s and one of the prettiest Aussies ever to become famous.


INXS was the name for the most famous band in the history of Australia. They gave the world many grerat rock songs in the ’80s and even 90s. INXS suffered a great loss in the late nineties, when the lead singer Michael Hutchence died. The band is now reunited and planning a big tour around the world.

Steve Irwin


We all remember the Crocodile Hunter with great joy. Steve Irwin was a great entertainer and his shows about the dangerous animals in Australia have changed the face of popular science television. He was also an active conservationist, raising awareness about many endangered species in Australia. Steve Irwin was the founding father of Australia Zoo, which is now one of the most visited attractions in Queensland.

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