Where to Find Australia’s Most Popular Animals

It’s hard to imagine a trip to Australia without getting to see some of its unique animals. While everyone who has at least once been to a zoo has surely seen a kangaroo or at least an emu before, seeing these animals in their natural environment represents a totally different experience. Hence, I thought you might enjoy reading a whole new post on where to find Australia’s most popular animals. I have also added a brief description for each animal, so that, even if your Australian vacation is pretty brief, you’ll get to learn the essentials about each of these fascinating species:


by paul mannix

This is not the first, nor the last time when kangaroos are mentioned on this blog. Kangaroos once ruled the Australian outback, and there are several varieties of them. They are the largest marsupials and make excellent runners. The easiest way to see a kangaroo is to visit some major city zoo like the ones in Perth, Sydney or Brisbane. There are numerous wildlife parks all over Australia which have kangaroos, including two reserves in the immediate vicinity of Sydney. We must also mention Kangaroo Island, the best place to spot a wild and free kangaroo.


by rennett stowe

The cute Australian ‘bear’ that lives in the trees and feeds exclusively on eucalyptus leaves is not always easy to spot. The east and south eastern coastal rainforests represent the usual koala habitat, so the regions with the best chances to see a koala in the wilderness are Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. The Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary has the biggest concentration of koalas on the continent.

Tasmanian Devil

by paul j morris

Tasmanian Devils have made a reputation for being quite fierce predators. However, they are far from being considered the most dangerous animals in Australia: their fame is based more on their aggressiveness than the actual damages that they might cause. Needless to say, Tasmania is the place to look for them – unfortunately, the species is in real danger right now, so Taronga Zoo in Sydney is your best bet.


by xoque

The wombat is another interesting species of marsupial living in Australia. It is a herbivore of the size of a pig, but covered with fur an a very sturdy constitution. They aren’t shy and they share mainly the same habitats with koalas. They are easily traceable by their burrows.


by ogwen

Before saying a few words about this predator I should mention the fact that dingoes are not in fact a native Australian species. It is not known how dingoes (which are more like wild dogs than wolves) first got to Australia, but they share few common characteristics with the usual species found in here. Now dingoes can be found mostly in the central and northern regions of the continent.

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