Weirdest Festivals in Australia

by stallio

Aussies have made a reputation for being cheerful and laid back people which pretty much reflects in some of their strange habits. San Francisco, Colorado in USA and some small Spanish villages might be famous for their awkward festivals, but some Australian manifestation might be even hard to digest for conservative natures. Despite their oddity, or maybe just because of that, the following Australian festivals get more and more attention with each year. So here’s a brief inventory of what seem to be the weirdest festivals in Australia:

Tunarama, Port Lincoln

One might think there is something fishy about this festival just from learning its name. Tunarama indeed stands for tuna: to be more exact, this name came to be associated with the one and only Tuna Throwing World Championship. The best tuna throwing ‘athletes’ and a cheering crowd of over 25 000 gather every year in Port Lincoln in an attempt to set new tuna throwing records.

Nude Beach Olympics, Adelaide

With its wonderful beaches, Australia came to be a perpetual Olympic host for those unwilling to wait another 4 year till the next edition of the much celebrated sports event. A few water sports enthusiasts from Adelaide decided to make a bold move and organize a nudists competition on the fine sands of Maslin Beach. If you are not too good at running or rowing, you can still enjoy less demanding contest like the ‘best bum’.

Cockroach Races, Brisbane

Those faint of heart or with all sorts of insect phobias should skip this paragraph. But you should know that such a wacky competition as the Cockroach Races actually exists and it even won recognition from the Guiness Book of Records as the oldest such event in the whole world. Everybody can enter the race by paying 5 Australian dollars for buying a contestant – the money are then donated and the cockroackes may leave at will.

Beer Can Regatta

by kenhodge13

Remember the classic creativity tests where you must think at different way to use an empty beer can? Well, some people prove to be campions not only at thinking, but also at building and piloting a raft made out of beer cans. The Beer Can Regatta in Darwin is their chance to prove the best of their skills.

Rock Paper Scissors Australian Championships

by rhymeswithsausage

We’ve all been champions of this game during our school years, but some people decided that Rock Paper Scissors is also worthy of its own dedicated event. The owners of a popular pub in Canberra decided to organize the Australian championships, but let it rest for a while and we might just see it in the Olympics in a few years.

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