Victoria’s Best Nature Reserves

by aschaf

Australia’s smallest continental state, Victoria displays an incredible diversity in terms of nature. With over three quarters of its population living in the Melbourne metropolitan area, Victoria has plenty of unspoiled nature to explore. Actually, despite its relatively small size, the state has about 60 national parks and nature reserves, comprising a great variety of habitats, from semi-dessert to marine eco-systems.   Today I invite you to a virtual tour of Victoria’s best nature reserves:

Alpine National Park

This is the largest park in the state and consists mainly in mountain ranges, with average altitudes around 1500 meters. Even though the mountain peaks in this park are not very high, the park itself is quite spectacular, with endless alpine meadows crossed by deep valleys. It is also home to many endemic species of plants and small animals like the pygmy mountain possum. In summer the park is an ideal place for hikers and campers while in winter it transforms into prime cross-country skiing territory.

Twelve Apostles Marine National Park

by jo@net

One of Australia’s iconic attractions, the Twelve Apostles –  a group of 12 weirdly shaped columns rising directly from the ocean – are actually part of a vast protected area known as Twelve Apostles Marine National Park. In addition to admiring these unique formations, park visitors can also take part in bird watching tours, discover the amazing underwater fauna and learn about the history of the numerous shipwrecks in the area.

Wilson’s Promontory National Park

A popular weekend destination with Melbourne natives, Wilson’s Promontory is one of those attractions that must be approached with great precaution. And by this I don’t want to imply that the place might be dangerous, but overcrowded. If you are willing to make tour plans several weeks in advance and don’t mind the crowds, I won’t regret it. The park is famous for its numerous water bodies, scenic trails and fine stretches of beach.

Yarra Ranges National Park

by jamesonf

Its much appreciated wines represent the main attraction in Yarra Valley, but this is by far the only attraction the region has to offer. Covered in dense forests and home to unique eco-systems, the mild ranges of Yarra are perfect for a weekend camping trip. The area is also known for its scenic roads, so you won’t necessarily have to sweat on the trail in order to enjoy its beauty. Another great advantage of this park is that you’ll halfway between the wilderness of the woods and the great restaurants in lodges in the Valley, so you won’t be deprived of the delicious food and wine that can be found here.

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