Unusual Australian Foods

Australian fruit

blue quandong © jemasmith/Flickr

With its large deserts and unique flora and fauna, Australia offers an unusual travel experience. And, like every country, Australia can also offer some less ordinary foods, which are specific to this country.

Although the Australian cuisine follows the Anglo-Saxon tradition, the multicultural nature of the country also reflects in its cuisine. But there are also foods that are typically Australian, and which give the Australian cuisine a distinct flavor. In this post we present some of them:


The first name that comes to every Aussie’s mind when asked about some unusual Australian foods is Vegemite. Vegemite is practically made of yeast and various spices, but it has a thick dark consistency. The most common way to eat Vegemite is ti simply spread it on a slice of bread, but it can also be used in combination with other foods, or for seasoning.

Australian food

Vegemite jar ©tolomea/Flickr

Skippy Snags

Kangaroos are a national symbol for Australia, but their meat is also considered to be very delicious by Australians. Most Australian restaurants will have kangaroo meat in their menu, but you can also find this meat at the supermarket. Skippy Snags, as Aussies call them, are a popular product made of kangaroo meat. They are a type of sausage and they are most delicious when grilled.

Damper Bread

Many countries will have their own typical bread and pastries and Australia is no exception. The traditional Australian bread is called damper and it is a yeast free bread (not like Vegemite;)). Today you might find damper is some stores and restaurants, but originally damper was cooked over fire.

traditional bread

Damper Bread ©Koala Bear/Flickr


Although aboriginal food can still be found in Australia, it is hard to find a place which is entirely devoted to using aboriginal recipes and ingredients. But then, there is always quandong. This fruit has been present in the Australian diet for hundreds of years. The Aboriginal tribes have observed its curative properties, while colonists have learned how to make a jam out of it.

Australian fruit

blue quandong ©jemasmith/Flickr

Crocodile Meat

And last but not least, here comes crocodile meat. Whereas crocodiles are some of Australia’s most fiercest predators, their meat is one of the most popular and healthy. You will find this meat in many restaurants all over the country. Rest assure, though: nobody will go hunt the crocodiles in the wild for you – the meat you will eat in restaurants will most likely come from a crocodile farm.





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