Top Places for Whale Watching in Australia

humpback whale©natalielucier/Flickr

You might know Australia as the land of kangaroos, koalas and ostriches, but this country-continent is also one of the best destinations in the world when it comes to whale watching. There are numerous places along the Australian coasts that make fabulous whale habitats, and therefore in many places across Australia you’ll find tour operators and even small cruise ships offering you the chance to get a glimpse at the world’s biggest animals. And since July to September mark the whale season in Oz, I thought you might be interested in taking a look at these top places for whale watching in Australia:

Hervey Bay

whale flip ©sorenriise/Flickr

Allegedly the most famous whale watching spot in the whole Australia, Hervey Bay is situated in the close proximity of Fraser Islands. There are many reasons to visit this coastal part of Queensland: beautiful beaches, lush rainforests and plenty of territory to explore – due to the beauty of landscapes and its biodiversity, a great part of the Fraser Coast is considered a natural park or protected area. But what makes Harvey Bay really special is the fact that each year between July and November the bay is ‘invaded’ by humpback whales. You’ll find a very wide offer of tours and cruised during this period in Hervey Bay and your chances to see these playful whales are quite high in peak season. Plus, Hervey Bay is just a short drive from Brisbane, so you can even make it a day trip.


It might sound surprising but Australia’s biggest and most famous city is also a great whale watching spot. Although the best times to watch whales in the Sydney area differ a little from those in Queensland – being a more southern location, the whales only come here from May to November. But unlike in Queensland, here it is possible to spot several species: not only humpback but also Blue and Byrdes whales.

Kangaroo Island

four whales ©rickpilot_2000/Flickr

Kangaroo Island is a well-known holiday destination in South Australia – but it’s not only kangaroos and beaches that attract people here. Kangaroo island is also among those unique places in Southern Australia where whales can be spotted for free. What do I mean by this? Well, just the fact that the humpback whales come so close to the shores that, with a bit of luck, you won’t need to rent a boat or book a cruise – they’ll be right at your doorstep.

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