Top Five Shopping Malls in Australia

by jczart

Its huge, state of the arts shopping malls and the variety of brands and merchandise from both Europe and Asia make Australia a great shopping destination. Big cities like Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane impress through their compact, buzzing shopping districts where one can find not only luxury fashion brands like Armani or Gucci, but also aboriginal art, local designer boutiques or Asian antiques. Some of Australia’s big shopping centres can have up to several hundred stores, along with a great variety of restaurants and cafes. Those with a lot of spare time and a great passion for shopping will enjoy exploring these top five shopping malls in Australia:

Chadstone Shopping Centre, Melbourne

With no less than 530 stores, this Australian shopping giant is the ultimate experience in terms of window shopping. It is also one of the oldest in the country, having been built sometime in the early ‘60s. You can find all types of stores and attractions, from big label department stores to electronics and home furnishing suppliers, cinemas halls and 2 huge food courts.

Pacific Fair, Gold Coast

by charlie brewer

Those getting tanned in Australia’s premier summer resort will find it difficult to avoid a shopping session in the famous Pacific Fair mall. The biggest and busiest shopping centre in Gold Coast, Pacific Fair awaits visitors with several hundred stores, not to mention some huge supermarkets like Target and Myer. One of the great advantages of this mall is its accessibility: some hotels will have private buses connecting them with the mall, and the mall itself has over 5000 car park spaces.

Westfield Parramatta, Sydney

The name Westfield is generally associated with the largest shopping centers in Australia. The bigeer, the better, seems to be the policy of this company, and so far it proved to be quite a successful idea. The Parramatta mall in Sydney is their biggest, with close to five hundred stores. But what’s really amazing about this store is the staggering amount of visitors: with approximately 28 million shoppers annually, the mall receives in average 2.3 million visitors per month – that’s more visits than some really famous  tourist attractions like The Grand Canyon or Sydney Opera.

Melbourne Central, Melbourne


The name Melbourne will keep popping up regardless of the criteria we use in classifying Australia’s top five shopping malls, so I have no other choice but to include another shopping centre in Melbourne on my list.  With a central location, lots of famous fashion labels and an impressive architecture (the huge glass cone has become a Melbourne landmark), Melbourne Central should make your list of Melbourne must-see attractions.

Westflied Marion, Adelaide

Located in the suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia, Westfield Marion is the number one destination for Adelaide based shoppers. The mall had undergone several extensions and transformations throughout its existence, which is why it’s now able to host more than 300 stores, including a huge multiplex cinema and 6 supermarkets.

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