Top Five Natural Attractions in Queensland

by babasteve

Queensland is probably the richest of all Australian states in terms of natural assets: with the great Coral Reef, hundreds of kilometres of beaches and lush rainforests as port of its patrimony, Queensland is a favourite with nature loving tourists. Throughout today’s post I will try to make a brief inventory of the most popular and withstanding of Queensland’s attractions. These top five natural attractions in Queensland make up a possible itinerary for visiting Australia’s sunniest and most exotic state:

The Great Barrier Reef

When it comes to scenery and biodiversity, the Great Barrier Reef is second to none. Made of millions of billions of corals, the atolls, lagoons and shallow waters in that make up this huge formation are home to record number of see weeds and fish. With the crystalline, warm waters and the appearance of a natural aquarium, the Great Barrier Reef is every diver and snorkeler’s dream.


Not far from the Great Barrier Reef lie the Whitsunday Islands, an archipelago made of picture-perfect beaches and lush palm forests – the kind that only the Pacific islands can offer. Withsundays seem to have been designed for relaxing, luxurious escapes, but they are diverse enough and big enough to satisfy every pocket and every crave.

Australia Zoo

Australia Zoo is far more modest in terms of size and beauty than the previously mentioned attractions, but it surely compensates in terms of quality family fun and educational content. The zoo’s founder was no one else but the charismatic crocodile hunter Steve Irwin. For those who want to honour his memory and see some of Australia’s most interesting animal species – and allegedly the best animal shows on the continent – the zoo is a few hour drive from Brisbane.

Fraser Island

by kevgibbo

You can also look at Fraser Island as a huge beach (or a piece of desert that has landed in the middle of the ocean). The island is basically made of sand but now sand dunes co-exist with dense rainforests and lakes. There are several resorts on the island, including some eco-friendly accommodation facilities. This is also the place where the notorious 75 mile beach is situated.

Daintree National Forest

by sue waters

One of the most beautiful natural parks in the whole Australia, the Daintree Forest is a remarkable example of a rainforest. The area is of great interest for botanists, as the forest is home to numerous plant and tree species which have long gone extinct in other parts of the world. As for tourists, they can enjoy some fantastic hikes and guided bird watching tours: the forests follow the coastline so the views are fantastic.


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