Top family attractions in Perth

Family guys and gals traveling to Perth might be wondering how can they spend some quality time in this western Australian city. The good news is that Perth is quite a family-friendly kind of location, both in terms of attractions and safety. Also, most of Perth’s attractions are all about nature and outdoors, so you’ll get the chance the make your trip both interactive and educational. Perth has lots of gardens, zoos, and natural parks so take a look at the following top family attractions in Perth and see what you like best:

Aquarium of Western Australia

by eulinky

The aquarium is located in the near vicinity of Perth and it represents the biggest aquarium in the country. It is indeed a great aquarium, with thousands of species if marine animals and an enormous underwater tunnel – visitors can walk for almost 100 meters on the bottom of the see and fell totally immersed in this fantastic universe. The bravest of children will also be able to interact with animals and even pet some of them is a specially designed area.

Scitech Discovery Centre

Walk among the most amazing inventions and get a close encounter with science itself! Science can be quite fun, there is no doubt about it, which is why the Scitech is by no means nerdy! This is one of the most interactive museums and its central location makes it an all-time favorite! It’s also very hard to get bored here, as practically all the exhibits are interactive.

Perth Zoo

by baskyes

No respectable city should lack a zoo! The zoo in Perth can be your first encounter with the Australian fauna. Here one can get a close look at all those unique animals that we usually only watch on TV like koalas, kangaroos and dingoes. The zoo is also a favorite hangout and dining place with the locals, so feel free to sip a juice at the cafeteria or bring some sandwiches as you’ll very likely spend more than a couple of hours in there.

Adventure World

by webmonkey44

Adventure world is probably not as educative as the other places but it’s certainly the most adventurous! This is the name for Perth’s biggest and most popular theme park. Australia doesn’t have any of the famous franchise names but instead has developed its own, so thrill and adventure seekers must definitely try this out! The park’s roller coasters are famous nation-wide, combined with a state-of-the-art water park and one notorious House of Terror!

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