Top Attractions around Melbourne

Macedon ranges ©Looking Glass/Flickr

Australia’s second largest city and number one economic hub makes a great destination not only for business persons and urban explorers, but also for the outdoorsy tourists wanting to explore Victoria’s nature and attractions. Melbourne itself has hundreds of sights and attractions – enough to keep you busy for a couple of weeks – but if you ever feel like taking a day trip and escaping the agitation of this big city, here’s a nice list of  top attractions around Melbourne:

Macedon Ranges wine region

If you did even to most basic research into Australia’s wine regions, then most likely Yarra Valley has been presented to you as the most famous of them. But this doesn’t mean that other, less famous region cannot be just as picturesque.

Macedon ranges ©Looking Glass/Flickr

The Macedon Ranges wine route is not only less crowded than the Yarra Valley ones, but also more rustic and I would even say more exclusive. The small vineries in Macedon Ranges are famous for their signature sparkling wines, but also cabernet and sauvignon varieties.

Mornington Peninsula

A favourite destination around Melbourne, the Mornington Peninsula is situates between the Bass Strait and Port Phillip Bay. A few hours’ drive will get you from Melbourne to Mornington, which consists of numerous coastal towns and beaches. Although Morninghton  Peninsula is a popular weekend destination, you will find plenty of secluded beaches around here, as well as top water sport facilities.

Phillip Island


Philip Island ©raider of gin/Flickr

The area around Melbourne is famous for its nature reserves and animal sanctuaries. Phillip Island is a great place to enjoy a relaxing nature walk or get to meet some of Australia’s most famous animals. The island has become famous for its penguin colony, but is also a favourite hangout place for pelicans and numerous other water birds. Also, the island has its own koala sanctuary. If you are not particularly interested in animals, you should be happy to know that motorbike and rally competitions are also organized on Phillip Island.

Sovereign Hill

sovereign hill ©kevinpoh/Flickr

Just like the sunny California, Australia experienced its own Gold Rush in the 19th century. If you want a faithful and realistic picture of those times, all you have to do is visit Sovereign City near Balarat. This is an open air museum – or more exactly a replica of a typical Australian mining town. You can walk around the town admiring timber buildings, stores and institutions, and pay a visit to the nearby gold diggings.

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