Top 5 Australian Beaches

Top 5 Australian BeachesSearching for the best beach in Australia would be like searching for a needle in a haystack: there are just so many of them (about 50000 km, to give you a raw estimation) that any attempt to classify them is purely subjective. Anyhow, depending on your likes and dislikes, you can broaden your search and choose a resort that satisfies your needs. For example, if you are longing for some sun and water but cannot stay too far from the buzzing city life, the proximity of Sidney offers lots of nice beaches where you can get a suntan. So while the following top 5 Australian beaches represent indeed some of the nicest strips of sand in the country, they are also representative for the type of vacations Australia has offer:

Broadbeach, Queensland

Queensland BeachesIf you are aiming for the classical beach vacation, that healing combination of fresh breeze and fun, than you’d better head for Australia’s Gold Coast. The name itself sounds pretty appealing, but wait until you see the 70 kilometers of white sand beaches, luxury hotels, lush forests and entertainment facilities. Broadbeach alone attracts several million visitors per year, and none of them ever has the time to get bored.

Cable Beach, Broome

The town of Broome in Western Australia was once a pearl diver’s settlement. Its wide beaches and turquoise waters have now transformed into a first-hand, yet quiet, tourist town. Cable Beach in Broome is famous for three things: its history (an underwater cable used to connect Australia with Singapore), its wideness and the fact that it is one of the nicest drive-in beaches on the continent.

Cape Byron

Cape Byron Backpackers, surfers, hippies and new agers make the usual crowd of Cape Byron. And while adventurous natures will be able to experience some of the best waves on the Australian coast, those in search of freedom and spirituality can choose between a yoga class in the morning and blue grass concert at sunset.

Whiteheaven Beach, Withsundays

The Withsunday islands off the coast of Queensland are nothing but little slices of paradise in the middle of the Great Barrier Reef and Coral Sea. Withsundays is the biggest of the 70 tropical islands and also home to the picture-perfect Whiteheaven beach. From the incredible richness of the coral reef to the top notch lodges, these secluded tropical island seem to have it all Рno wonder that most of their beaches could qualify as the top 5 Australian beaches.

Coogee Beach, Sydney

Sydney BeachesCoogee Beach near Sydney is not only renowned for its peculiar name: this is where locals and visitors alike come to enjoy the breeze and more than often a nice swim. The Sydney area comprises many famous beaches, but there are few places where swimmers can enjoy the calm waters better than in Coogee.

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