Tips for Visiting Sydney in February

by xiquinhosilva

Australia’s biggest and most iconic city, Sydney is a fabulous destination for February.  February is the last month in the Australian summer and the month of numerous parties and carnivals in other parts of the world – Sydney makes now exception in what concerns the festive atmosphere. There will be many things to experience in Sydney during this time of the year, from beaches and water sports to concerts and parades. Practically, February is one of the few months when one can enjoy both Sydney’s urban delights and its fantastic beaches. So here come some quick tips for visiting Sydney in February:

Summer and Beach

Whereas the hot weather Sydney experiences in mid-summer (January) is slowly starting to cool off, don’t expect anything lower than 25 degrees. There might be a little more rain than in January, but you’ll be able to enjoy the area’s fabulous beaches more for yourself, as many children and students will be back to school by the end of February. Some very nice and very famous beaches to check out are Balmoral, Bondi, Manly and Elouera.

Sydney February Events (Cultural)

by kylie taylor

There’s much going on in Sydney in the month of February.  The month usually has a grandiose debut with the Chinese New Year festivities – watch the dragon dance and eat delicious moon cakes. On the 6th of February the neighbouring nation of New Zealand celebrates Waitangi Day (a sort of Independence Day) and some manifestations will be held on Sydney as well. Sydney’s Shakespeare festival also takes place in February. For a very special Valentine’s Day, Sydney is just about right.  Last, but not least, the flamboyant Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras festival starts off at the end of February.

Sydney February Events (Sports)

by a.meins

In addition to beaches and cultural events, sports are another must when it comes to visiting Sydney in February. If you happen to be very good at sports and in search for new challenges you might want to take a few friends with you and enrol in the Kathmandu Adventure Series. This all year round events takes place all over Australia and New Zealand and comprises of several biking, kayaking and navigation competitions. February is also a great month for surfing, which is why the Australian Open of Surfing usually takes place during this month. The 2012 edition will debut on the 11th of February and will end 5 days later with the much expected Australian Surfing Awards, a chance to meet some of the best surfers in the world.

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