Tips for Traveling Cheap around Sydney

Sydney transport

Sydney ferry ©jezarnold/Flickr

Sydney is a great city to visit under many aspects, but, as any major city, it is not exactly cheap. This is partially due to the high living standards and to Sydney being such an important tourist destination – these make accommodation and food to be more expensive than in other parts of Australia. Also, because traveling from one attraction to the other will require, in most cases, the use of some means of transportation, transport costs also add up to the total price if your Sydney holiday. This does not mean that your vacation must be outrageously expensive. With smart planning and these useful tips for traveling cheap around Sydney, you can save up enough to afford an extra night or a luxurious dinner:

Airport transfer

Airport transfers can be quite costly, and it’s amazing how much you can save by knowing a few simple rules. The problem of airport transfers is very delicate, as in most cases tourists are loaded with heavy baggage. Plus, the stress of being in a new country determines most tourists to go for the safest, quickest choice – which, in most cases, means taking the cab or arranging for a private shuttle. Taxis are an expensive way to move around in almost any country, and you can save a lot by choosing some form of public transport instead. Sydney Airport has good train connections with various areas of Sydney. If you are a light traveler, you can even choose to rent a bike at the airport, save precious money and travel green in the same time.

central Sydney transport

Sydney monorail ©vincentq/Flickr

Mastering the public transport network

Sydney is served by an extensive public transport network, consisting of buses, trains and ferries. The fastest way to travel outside Sydney or in the suburbs is by train. Sydney has two free bus lines, which operate in Sydney Central Business District. For transport across and around Sydney Harbor, the ferries represent a moderately priced, fun alternative. If you plan a day of extensive sightseeing, the most cost-effective way would be to buy a multi-pass (My Multi), which allows you to travel around Sydney metropolitan area for $22 AU/day.

Sydney transport

Sydney ferry ©jezarnold/Flickr

Walking and cycling in Sydney

But the cheapest and most environmentally way to travel around Sydney is by far represented by one’s personal feet. The city has a well-developed network of cycling routes, which cover not only Central Sydney but also scenic routes around the Harbor and beaches. Also, there are numerous walking trails in the Harbor areas, perfect for snapping pictures, having a picnic or simply taking a breath of fresh air.

Sydney panorama

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