Tips for Koala Watching

by pcaputo

Next to panda bears and puppies, koalas are some of the cutest animals on the planet. And since this fascinating species is endemic to Australia (meaning it can only be found there), this is the only place on earth where you can watch a koala in its natural habitat. But where and when is the best time to watch a koala? One of the most important tips for koala watching is knowing the koala habitat.

The koala lives solely on eucalyptus leaves, so the only place to spot it is an eucalyptus forest. In Australia, these forests can be found in the Western part, especially in the area around Brisbane.  Another factor that might make koalas hard to spot is the dramatic decrease of koala population.  Due to the numerous diseases affecting the koala and urbanization, this cuddly marsupial is close to extinction.  Hence, the best places for koala watching are actually the sanctuaries and reserves meant to protect this unique species:

Koala Spotting in Victoria

by skyring

I remember mentioning this wonderful attraction in some of our previous posts, as well. The Great Ocean Road in Victoria is not only a great for taking memorable pictures, it’s also one of the best places to spot a koala. Considering the popularity of this drive among tourists, the general rules of wildlife spotting apply here as well: whenever you see cars parked along the road and people with cameras, it’s a high chance that koalas are somewhere near. Other popular koala spotting places are Philip Island Natural Park, Ballarat Wildlife Park and Healesville Sanctuary.

Koala Reserves in New South Wales

This sunny region of Australia is also great destination for koala fans. There are several parks and wildlife sanctuaries along the coasts, including a koala hospital. Some of the best known are Billabong Koala and Wildlife Park near Port Macquarie, The Koala Care Center in Lismore and The Koala Spotting Regenartion Reserve in Narrandera.

Queensland Koalas

by hermie

Queensland has a somehow different policy when it comes to koalas. The state has the oldest koala sanctuary in the country, the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, which is also the one of the only places where you can hug a koala. There is also the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, another family favorite, and one of the top attractions on Australia’s Golden Coast. You might as well try the Australia Zoo in Brisbane, but actually much of the Brisbane area is great for koala spotting.


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