Tips for Attending the Australian Open 2012

by avlxxz

The Australian Open, one of four major professional tennis competitions in the world, will start the 2012 season with a new edition. A tradition that has been going on, with small interruptions, for over 100 years, the Australian open brings together world’s best tennis players. With an approximate audience of half a million and other millions of spectators in front of the TV’s, the Australian open is a much expected event for the host city Melbourne. The fact that it is situated in the Southern Hemisphere, and therefore a good reason to escape the northern winter, is also a great advantage of the Australian Open, which is why so many sports fans travel there each year. With a little over a month till the event’s début, here are some tips for attending the Australian Open:

Reserve plenty of time for the competition

by yagan kiely

Tickets for the Australian open are usually sold with several months in advance and they tend to sell out within hours so make sure you check the event’s official site regularly. It’s not always easy to get tickets for the final, but sometimes the qualifying games can be the most interesting. Finding accommodation during the competition can be quite difficult, as well as costly, so make sure you take care of this matter previously to your departure. Also, it would be a pity to come all the way here for the competition and not get to visit the wonderful nature around Melbourne.

Mind the heat

The competition has one well-established location, the Rod Laver Arena. Considering that February is  mid-summer for Australia, temperatures during the tournament can be quite high. But don’t panic, as there organisers offer free sunscreen and there will be plenty of seats in the shade (the arena is provided with a retractable roof, but this is usually used when it rains).

Bet, party, explore

by richard fisher

Another thing you might want to get familiar with during the Australian Open are the sports bets. There will be serious betting around each match, so betters with a little luck and enough knowledge about tennis might end up earning enough money to cover for the trip. Also, don’t miss the parties at the end of the day. This is a great occasion for Australians to receive guests from all over the world so there will be a lot of concerts, exhibitions and connected events to attend. Also, an eclectic and party hungry crowd will fill up Melbourne’s trendy clubs at night.

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