Australia's Best Sailing Destinations

Australia’s Best Sailing Destinations

Australia is best-known as an outdoors and beach destination, but it also happens to be a fabulous sailing destination for anyone interested in this exciting sport. The scenic coasts of mainland Australia, Tasmania and the islands in the Great Barrier Reef can all make a great destination for a yacht owner or maybe a cruise holiday. Also, Australia is the site of numerous sailing competitions and races. Around the big coastal cities or up in the picturesque Queensland you can find luxurio... [ read more ]

Where to taste Australia's finest wines

Where to taste Australia’s finest wines

The sunny hills and valleys of Australia are home to some of the biggest wine producers in the world. Australian wines might not be as famous as French or Italian ones, yet they are exported all over the globe and enjoyed by millions of people. Not to mention that Australia's wineries have become a much-sought for touristic destination, helping Australia to promote its rural areas and sustainable tourism. Nevertheless, by now the real wine lovers might be wondering what exactly can Austra... [ read more ]

Best countryside resorts in Australia

Best countryside resorts in Australia

Farms and vineyards represent not only a revenue source for Australians, but also have a great potential for tourism. Picturesque landscapes along with the simplicity, discipline and authenticity of a farmer's lifestyle represent the main ingredients in a worry-free vacation at the countryside. As for Australia's world-famous wine-making regions, they have long been visited by globe-trotting wine lovers, and, increasingly often, by luxury-seekers. These are enough reasons to try and make a t... [ read more ]