Sydney for Art-Lovers

by pflores

Those ready to explore the artistic side of Sydney should be aware that this Australian city is a true patron of the arts. It might take you several days just to stroll the city’s art galleries and visit the main museums. Sydney is an artists’ hub so arts schools are quite well-represented, also. Sydney art museums host a variety of exhibits, from aboriginal art to contemporary Australian and international art – so get ready for a full immersion in the country’s artistic life. My ‘Sydney for Art-Lovers‘ guide takes a look at the the city’s most prestigious art institutions and events:

Sydney Art Museums

by glenasena

As I said before, there are quite a number of museums where you can admire Australian art (and not only!). The Museum of Contemporary Art is dedicated to the country’s most promising artists and exhibits photographs, paintings, sculptures, installations as well as multi-media art. The Art gallery of New South Wales is known for hosting international exhibitions as well as a collection 19th century Australian painters. Other institutions hosting temporary exhibitions are The Australian Museum, The Museum of Sydney and the Australian Center of Photography.

Sydney Art Galleries and Tours

There is nothing that the passionate collector cannot find in one of Sydney’s tenths of commercial arts galleries. While the art and crafts galleries include everything from oriental art to autographed celebrity photos, there are few galleries that are worth a visit for the simple fact that they exist. So are Soho Art Gallery (young Australian artists), White Rabbit Gallery (Chinese art) or Blender Gallery (music photography). You can also try the Eveleigh Artisan’s Market, organized every month on Wilson Street. There’s a number of travel agencies organizing art tours, which is an great way to get to the less known, off the beaten path galleries and also exercise a little (most of them are walking tours).

Art Festivals and Manifestations

by frizetta

The Austral spring gives the start for Sydney’s annual display of talents. The Art and About Festival will reach its 10th edition this year. This is an open-air festival trying to fit art into the urban scape and it includes not only installations and street exhibits, but also concerts, projections, workshops. The 18the edition of the Biennale of Sydney, the city’s most popular contemporary art event will start on June 27. This is a whole summer (or winter in the case of Australia, call it as you like;)) event, which tries to reunite artists from all backgrounds and countries.



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