Short Guide to Watersports in Australia

by epsos_de

A record holder in terms of gorgeous beaches and sunny days, Australia is, needless to say, a water sport lovers’ paradise. Caught in the middle between the warm and tranquil Indian Ocean and the restless Pacific, Australia is the place where swimmers and surfers can each find their place. The diverse geography and the relatively warm climate offer ideal conditions for a wide range of watersports, from snorkeling to windsurfing. Watersports are very difficult to avoid in Australia (unless you go in the dessert, of course): whether you are heading for the buzzing Sydney or for the wild and unspoiled Great Barrier Reef, a short guide to watersports in Australia might very well contribute to the success of your journey:

Surfing and windsurfing

There are great surf spots everywhere in Australia, even though the best credited (and most popular) beaches can be found in New South Wales and Western Australia (especially the area of Perth – Margaret River). Western Australia seems to be the ideal place for windsurfers as well, even though cities like Sydney or Brisbane might also offer such possibilities.


There is not too much and in the same time a lot to tell about swimming in Australia. Swimming is regarded as a national sport and therefore widely practiced, whether we are speaking of ocean or pools. With the exception of some areas (usually signaled) where sharks, crocodiles or poisonous marine animals were spotted, or the currents are strong, swimming can be practices on most Australian beaches.

Diving and snorkeling

As it’s easy to guess, the Great Barrier Reef is the number one diving and snorkeling location in Australia (and one of the best in the world!). However, the tropical Queensland and the beaches of New South Wales might also offer some nice dives.

White-Water Rafting

by klaerchos katapoutsis

White water rafting is also present on the list of water related activities. This time, Victoria and its mountainous rivers make the top of the list. Cairns and Tasmania should also be considered by those willing to fight the roaring waters of a mountain river.

Speed Boat Racing

Those interested in speed boat racing will be delighted to find out that most coastal cities and resorts in Australia will offer this possibility.

Kayaking and Canoeing

by cisc1970

The great versatility of these two sports makes them practicable in mostly any part of Australia. A canoe trip might a great way to explore the wilderness of Australia, adventure into the narrow canyons of the arid Northern Territory (otherwise inaccessible) or a pretext to travel from winery to winery along the scenic Yarra Valley.

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