Short guide to nightlife in Melbourne

DJ party

Melbourne party ©Music News Australia/Flickr

Its prolific music scene and the constant flow of tourists make Melbourne’s nightlife a force to reckon with. Once to night falls over this flourishing Australian city, its restaurants, bars, lounges and clubs are filled by an eclectic crowd. There’s practically something for every category of tourists, from stag party groups to families and from music lovers to demanding business-type. I hope my short guide to nightlife in Melbourne will give you some ideas about how and where to spend a memorable evening out in Melbourne:

Dining out in Melbourne

An evening out will never be complete if it’s not started properly. Thus, a nice dinner at one of Melbourne’s top restaurants will not only fill you up and give you energy for the whole night, but will also introduce you to Melbourne’s high life. Bottega, Golden Fields,  Va Tutto, Longrain or Chin Chin are just a few of Melbourne’s best rated restaurants. But you should know that the offer is extremely diverse, and in a city like Melbourne you can find delicious food for little money, too. Anyway, a night out can be an incentive to try on the most various cuisines, from Italian to  Argentinian, as well as some unique dining experiences like cruise or theater dining.

Greek restaurant

Greek food in Melbourne ©avlxyz/Flickr

Having a drink in Melbourne

A glass of wine or a beer always tastes better after a rich meal. Also, a bar or lounge is a great place to meet your friends and ketch up before hitting the dance floor. Again, Melbourne’s thriving nightlife scene gives you plenty of options here. You can have a laugh at one of the numerous comedy clubs and stand-up comedy bars such as The Last Laugh or The Comics Lounge; listen to some local bands at Charlie’s Bar, the Night Cat or the Toff; or chill out in a contemporary lounge. Melbourne is also known for its rooftop bars and lounges: The Fringe, Damask, Campari House.

city bar

small bar in Melbourne ©Reinis Traidas/Flickr

Party-time in Melbourne

Melbourne’s nightclubs are some of the best in the country. There will be always something going on in Melbourne, form live concerts to famous DJ parties. All you have to do is choose an approximate location (for example, you might want to party in the Central Business District or some Melbourne suburb), choose you favorite type of music: retro, electro, rock, karaoke and decide whether you want to dance or not. There are dozens of nightclubs in Melbourne, but here are a few names of popular night clubs for first-comers: Wah-Wah Lounge, The Apartment, Envy, Chaplin Karaoke Bar, Bella Union.

DJ party

Melbourne party ©Music News Australia/Flickr

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