Short Guide to Nightlife in Brisbane

by jiaren lau

Going out in Brisbane might prove to be the most inspired choice you’ll make when it comes to catching the essence of this Australian city. No matter if we’re talking about restaurants, pubs or entertainment, Brisbane can offer you satisfying if not surprising experiences. There are some really good restaurants around town, not to mention the prolific music scene that has given Australia so many stars. Before reading through this short guide to nightlife in Brisbane you should know that there are several areas of the city where the best restaurants and bars are to be found, like The Valley, Brisbane CBD and The West End.


Restaurants in Brisbane vary from the Michelin awarded, reservation-only type of establishment to McDonalds. Most of the splurge restaurants serve international and fusion cuisine, like the The Euro, Tank Restaurant or The Walnut. There are some really nice Australian restaurants as well, like Organic Char, E’cco Bistro or Rhubarb Rhubarb Byo Restaurant (mainly focused on local and organic food), as well as the popular Tukka, where tourists  rush in to taste local delicacies such as kangaroo meat.

Bars and pubs

by inspirekelly

There is a great range of bars, cafes and pubs in the central area of Brisbane. Here also you can choose amongst various decors, playlists and price ranges, from the student frequented bars to the exclusive lounges and underground clubs. GPO and Trivoli are great for live music, while the Bowery is famous for its signature cocktails and jazzy nights. Geeks and gamers must definetely try the Mana Bar, which provides customers with both boarding games and latest video games apparitions.

Night clubs

Both the alternative rocker and the electro music fan will find their match among Brisbane night clubs. Party animals will be dileghted to discover gargantuan clubs like the Met and Birdee Num Num with several dance floors, light effects, live mixing DJ’s and everything else a modern dance club should provide. More bohemian natures should head for Alloneword Bar, with its unique decors and experimental music.


by mike blogs

Brisbane is home to a very dynamic entertainment scene. The city has several big theatre houses like Trivoli, Harvest Rain Theatre Company and Queensland Performing Arts Centre. In addition to these, there are some private theatre companies and independent arts centres like Metro Arts. There are also plenty of cinemas around the city as well as numerous festivals and celebrations: make sure you ask around for the hottest events in the city.

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