Short Guide to National Aussie Sports

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The amazing nature of Australia and its pleasant climate makes Aussies one of the most outgoing nations. The practice of sports plays a very important role in the Australian society, and international success in spectator sports is a great mean to inspire patriotic pride.
But like any other nation of the world, Aussies tend to prefer some sports to others. There are also sports which are specific to this country-continent, like the so-called Aussie rules. If you are interested to find out more about sports and sport culture in Australia, you might find my short guide to national Aussie sports to be quite useful.


Rugby is by far one of the most popular spectator sports in Australia. The national Australia rugby team, nicknamed the Wallabies, is a constant participant and often winner in major competitions as the Rugby World Cup and the Tri-Nation series. In the world rankings for rugby, Australia is has always been part of the top six national teams, which explains the huge TV audience rating that rugby games have in this country.

Aussie Rules

With an ever increasing popularity, Aussie Rules or, officially, Australian Football Rules is a team sport derived from rugby. Aussie rules has some resemblances with both American football and rugby, however it is less violent than the former, which allows players to wear less protection. There is a whole culture around Aussie Rules, and attending such a game can tell you a lot about Aussies. This is also the sport who manages to put a record number of people in front of the TV sets, despite the facts that it is only played as a national competition and not internationally.


Cricket is often coined as the national sports in Australia. Cricket has enjoyed a constant popularity in Australia and it is played by both men and women, although in different proportions. Cricket is also one of the most practiced sports in Australia, as many children play it in schools or with their peers. The test match captains are some very popular public figures in Australian society.


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Netball is a sport similar to basket which enjoys a lot of popularity in Australia. The great difference about netball is that it is practiced by large numbers of females. Netball is generally an outdoor sport and can sometimes be played by mixed teams.


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The huge number of beaches might be the best explanation behind the enormous popularity of swimming among Australians. Swimming is closely related to education so many children take up swimming as part of their school curricula. The professional swimmers of Australia are some of the best in the world but swimming is also seen as a favorite past time activity.

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