Shopper’s Guide to Sydney

A shopper in Sydney will often remember this shopping experience as one on the most pleasant possible. Despite it being a 4,5 million inhabitant metropolis, Sydney won’t have you spend too much cash on taxi rides between shopping centers: much of its malls and galleries are located next to each other, right in Sydney’s downtown. The city’s cosmopolitanism is another reason why shopping sessions in Sydney can be so exciting: you’ll find brands and designer clothes from all over the world, not to mention the antique and artifact galleries. Besides the glamorous boutiques and local designer shops you might find in the city center, as you move towards Sydney’s outskirts you’ll find the nicest weekend markets and hottest deal outlet stores. My shopper’s guide to Sydney will try to introduce you into this fascinating world or glamorous malls and picturesque borough markets:

Sydney Shopping Centers and Malls

by kevigbbo

Pitt Street is usually the first place that shoppers head for in Sydney. This well-known street in the heart of the Business District is home to several malls and shopping centers, including the Pitt Street Mall, The Glasshouse, Centerpoint and The strand Arcade. A unique shopping experience you shouldn’t miss the the Queen Victoria Building, a century old shopping center.
Other areas of Sydney offer a more traditionalist approach to shopping, with coquette stores and boutiques located in stylish buildings. Such shopping hot spots are Market Street (home to the David Jones Department Store), Oxford Street, Crown Street and Queen Street.

Sydney Designer Fashion and Boutiques

True fashionista’s shouldn’t miss the chance to visit some local fashion stores – let’s not forget that Sydney is amongst the fashion capitals of the world. There are certain areas of Sydney that are particularly interesting due to their fashion boutiques, such as George Street Galleries, Strand Arcade or Paddington. For luxury brands like Gucci or Cartier try the Elisabeth and Castlereagh Streets.

Sydney Markets and Bargain Stores

If you are willing to adventure in one of Sydney’s historical boroughs you certainly won’t regret the time spent on admiring the elegant houses and blending in with locals at one of the weekly markets. Much appreciated Sydney markets are the Eveleigh Artisans Market, Paddington, Bondi and Balmain. For a very eclectic selection of brands and merchandise, you can try the Rocks Market, as well as Sydney Chinatown. For factory outlet stores and plenty of discounts try the Birkenhead Point.

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