Scenic fall foliage destinations in Australia

Autumn near Sydney

Autumn tree © dicktay2000/Flickr

Due to its size and various climate zones, Australia is an all year round destination. Its geographic positioning also makes it a desirable destination for all those seeking to experience the reverse of northern hemisphere weather: a visit to the fascinating Australia allows you yo ski in the middle of European summer and go to the beach when the whole North America is covered in snow.

Thus, while people in North Asia, America and Europe celebrate the arrival of spring, the south of Australia is harvesting its crops. Although Australia is not as famous as a fall foliage destination as New England, USA (for example), some places can offer true surprised in terms of autumnal landscapes:


Situated at the limits of Australia’s Alpine National Park, Bright is one of Victoria most popular destination. Its proximity to both the Australian Alps and Mt Buffalo National Park make Bright an important gateway to some of the country’s best alpine landscapes. In autumn, the great variety of trees make Bright particularly spectacular. Plus, the town is conveniently situated on the Great Alpine Road, which means that you will be able to drive through miles and miles of endless, colorful woods.

autumn sunset

Alpine Autumn ©SAMSUNG12-2MegaPixels/Flickr


Big cities too can offer you a glimpse at the great show of nature. So is the case of Adelaide, whose parks, botanic gardens and rural landscapes offer just as many occasions for obtaining the perfect fall foliage snap. With their wineries and coquette farm houses, Adelaide Hills are home to some of the most idyllic landscapes on the continent, especially in the golden autumn light.


Australia’s capital might lack some of the attractions one can found in big cities like Sydney or Melbourne. Yet, what Canberra has a record number of parks and outdoor recreational areas. In autumn, Canberra transforms into one of the most scenic fall foliage destinations in Australia. With all that carefully planned combination of trees and shrubs in its parks, the city offers kaleidoscope of nuances or red, green, brown and yellow.

autumn in the city

Autumn in Canberra © laRuth/Flickr


The island of Tasmania is Australia’s southern-most territory, which also makes it the region with the coolest weather. Well, cool is just one way to say it, as Tasmanian weather has four seasons, including a long and sunny autumn. As almost half of Tasmania’s surface is represented by wilderness (most of which is protected by law), there will be plenty of opportunities to admire the fall foliage.

Autumn near Sydney

Autumn tree © dicktay2000/Flickr

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