Scenic Drives in Australia

by Bookabee Tours Agency

When it comes to such vast countries like Australia, driving is your best choice for a comfortable, rewarding travel experience. Despite the country’s low population density rate, Australia benefits from numerous attractions and good, accessible roads. It’s a road trip friendly country with lots of natural beauties and unique ecosystems – a vast playground for adventurers and outgoing people world-wide. Now that I’m dome with the praising, I’ll try to present you some of the best, most spectacular drives on the world’s smallest continent.  So here come some of the most scenic drives in Australia:

Great Ocean Road

The Twelve Apostles at Great Ocean Road

by paularps

The Great Ocean Road in South-East Australia takes travelers across 151 mi of rugged coastline and natural and historic landmarks. The road was constructed in the period between the two world wars, and bears a special significance to Australians. A unique combination of subtropical rainforests and limestone formations like arches, grottos and coves are responsible for the drive’s particular charm.

Kosciuszko Alpine Way

Kosciuszko Alpine Way takes its name form Kosciuszko Natural Park, a mountainous area  in New South Wales. The strange name has no connection to the aboriginal population, it is in fact of Polish origin. Considering that we are dealing with over 100 miles of dramatic views over Australia’s highest peaks, no wonder this is one of the most popular scenic drives in the country. As most of the road is situated in the perimeter of the natural reserve, you can always hop off, take a short hike, fill your lungs with fresh air and admire some endemic species.

Poacher’s Way

Rainbow at Kosciuszko Mountain

by Eduardo Mariz

Not far from Canberra you can take the Poacher’s Way and indulge yourself with some on the best wines and most refined dishes Australia has to offer. Poacher’s way in not so much about the whoo’s and whaa’s of monumental nature. It’s more of a slow, indolent drive between two copious meals, a taste of wine and a visit to the spa.

Darling River Run

The drive alongside Darling River will show you another face of the fabulous New South Wales Region. The scenery consists mainly of forests, lakes and streams, and you’ll even get to see a national park (Mount Gundabooka) and a world heritage site (Willandra Lakes) on the way. Depending on your time and resources, this can turn into a several day trip. The small villages on the way are quite charming, so remember to take a break from time to time and explore this less known part of the Australian countryside.

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