Popular Holidays in Australia

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A trip to Australia might be as long or adventurous as you want it, but before starting your journey it’s always essential to know a few basic things like when are all stores closed or when to expect a huge parade filling the streets. So, in order to avoid having your plans ruined by some public manifestation you had no idea about, I’ve decided to put together this small list of popular holidays in Australia. One important thing you should know about these holidays is that not all of them are public (the kinds of days when even the banks are closed). There are some very important holidays in Australia which are only celebrated in certain regions, in fact. But let’s take a closer look at those special days when Aussies are most likely to celebrate:

National holidays in Australia:

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Some of the Australian holidays are common with most of the English Speaking world:  those would be The New Year (January 1-2), Christmas Day, the Friday and Monday preceding or following the Easter Weekend and the Queen’s Birthday (June 11 – as you very well know, Australia is part of the Commonwealth so the Queen of England is also the official head of state in Australia). However, the Queen’s Day might be celebrated in October in the case of Western Australia and Queensland.
Two of the holidays you shouldn’t miss are the Anzac Day on April 25 and the Australia Day on the 26th of January. These are the holidays most dearest to the Australian nation, so expect to see a grandiose parade and obvious display of patriotic pride.:)

Informal Holidays in Australia

There are a number or less formal holidays which Aussies always like to use as an occasion to offer gifts or take a short beachside vacation. There’s a Mother’s Day in May and a Father’s Day in September, when record numbers of cards are sold.

Regional Holidays in Australia

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Labor Day is a very important day in Australia (it’s a time when people are supposed to take the day off), however there are no less than 4 official dates for this celebration, as every state was free to choose their own preferred date. There’s a very original Picnic Day which the inhabitants of the Northern territory take off each year in August. Many of Australia’s cities become the center of attention for a day or two, as their each have their own dedicated holidays. These would be Canberra and Adelaide in March (Canberra Day, Adelaide Cup) and most importantly Melbourne (I think we’ve mentioned the famous Melbourne Cup in several other occasions).


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