Popular Destinations in Tasmania

aerial view

Freycinet Peninsula ©4nitsirk/Flickr

Home to the notorious Tasmanian Devil and thousands of kilometers of unspoilt wilderness, Tasmania is a favorite destination for outdoor lovers visiting Australia. The beauty of Tasmania’s wilderness will seduce even the most pretentious hikers, but you should know that there is much more to explore on this antipodean wonder of an island than nature. While most of the national parks and natural attractions can be found on the western coast, the eastern coast surprises visitors with picturesque historic towns and excellent food and wine.

To learn more about what this fascinating island has to offer, check out these popular destinations in Tasmania we have selected for you:

Freycinet National Park

Occupying a rugged peninsula on the East coast of Tasmania, Freycinet National Park is one of Tasmania’s top destinations. The park owes part of its popularity to its proximity to the Tasmanian capital Hobart,  but mostly to its wild beauty and amazing fauna. The Tasmanian Devil is just one of the numerous species that can be found in this gorgeous park and that are unique to Tasmania. You will also find the coastal areas to be breathtaking, especially in places like the Wineglass Bay.

aerial view

Freycinet Peninsula ©4nitsirk/Flickr

Port Arthur

Another unique feature of Tasmania is represented by its historic convict places. Port Arthur is certainly the best-known of them, and also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The restored 19th century prison is not the happiest of places, and many people believe it is haunted by the ghosts of ex-prisoners and people who have lost their lives here. From a historian’s perspective, Port Arthur is the site of a once legendary prison, with plenty of history to uncover.

former prison

Port Arthur © variationblogr/flickr

Hastings Caves

Tasmania wouldn’t be so pretty if it wasn’t beautiful inside, too. Here on Australia’s largest island one can admire some really amazing caves, of which Hastings Caves are the best known. Inside the underground chambers you will observe spectacular formations, while outside you can enjoy the blessings of hot springs.

Cataract Gorge

At the Cataract Gorge near Launceston, the river waters seem to boil between the two walls of rock. The natural splendor can be accessed by foot, as well as by chairlift. Close to the gorges you can find attractions such as a restaurant, swimming pool and public gardens.

attraction in Tasmania

Cataract Gorges ©feral arts/Flickr

Mt Wellington, Hobart

Mt Wellington in Hobart is among the most famous mountain peaks in Australia and also one of the  most popular destinations in Tasmania. The mountain can be easily accessed by car, but if you fill up to it you can also hike up to the 1270 peak. No matter what path you choose, the view on top is equally rewarding, offering a superb panorama of the Hobart area.

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