Popular Attractions in Southern Australia

cave formations

Naracoorte Caves ©avlxyz/Flickr

Seen of a map, the territory of South Australia might not seem very welcoming: most of this Australian state’s surface is represented by deserts and semi-arid lands. But once you’re actually there, you will discover that South Australia is a beautiful region, with a great variety of attractions. Also, the mild climate on the coast makes South Australia an all-year round destination. Check out these popular attractions in Southern Australia, and discover the beauty of the state’s countryside, its amazing national parks and vibrant cities:


Most South Australian adventures start from Adelaide, the state’s capital and most populous city. With well-over 1 million inhabitants, Adelaide concentrates a considerable percentage of the state’s population, and many of its museums, cultural institutions and events. Adelaide is a prime sports destination and also great choice for festival-goers and everyone with an interest in the art and lifestyle of South Australia.

Adelaide downtown

Adelaide ©amandabhslater/Flickr

Murray River

One of Australia’s major rivers (actually, it’s longest), Murray River traverses the south-eastern corner of South Australia, giving birth to a fertile valley. The Murray River Valley is a major agricultural region, much praised for its rural landscape. Food and wine lovers will love this region, and so will hikers or campers. The river itself can be a great source of fun: old steamboats will take you up and down the river, allowing you to admire the abundant wildlife and picturesque small towns.

river cruise

Murray River steamer ©thinboyfatter/Flickr

Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island is widely recognized as one of Australia’s best wildlife watching destinations. This island off the coast of South Australia can be easily accessed by ferry boat. In addition to kangaroos, the island is home to an impressive number of species, mostly aquatic birds but also more unusual animals such as sea lions and penguins. While you’re here, don’t miss the chance to taste the local honey, famous all over Australia.

Clare Valley

Clare Valley represents the perfect combination between rural tranquility and urban sophistication. A top wine producing and agricultural region, Clare Valley is maybe not as famous as Barossa Valley or Yarra Valley, which is actually an advantage, as you can benefit from more intimacy. The usual Clare Valley experience involves driving from town to town, visiting local attractions such as historic monuments or private arts and crafts galleries, and indulging in the region’s best wines and gourmet food.

Naracoorte Caves

Naracoorte Caves are a truly unique attraction. The UNSECO listed caves are home to animal fossils of inestimable value – these petrified animals or animal body parts allow researchers to study species which lived hundreds of thousand of years ago. Also here you will find a large colony of an Australian bat species.

cave formations

Naracoorte Caves ©avlxyz/Flickr

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