Off the beaten path attractions in Melbourne

Melbourne grafitti©Looking Glass/Flickr

One of Australia’s prime tourists hubs, Melbourne is blessed with both a pleasant climate, a thriving economy and fabulous sights. Its Business District, its nearby beaches and natural parks make it a fabulous destination all year round. Although, considering the many attractions and activities that are available here, the novelty of Melbourne is not likely to wear off soon, one might still wonder about the less known side of Melbourne. Today’s post will feature some off the beaten path attractions in Melbourne, some nice alternatives for those days when you don’t feel like queuing in from of a museum or laying on an extra crowded beach:

Street Art and Graffiti

Melbourne might be famous for its sports facilities and good business opportunities, but it’s also a very artistic city. And not only because the National Gallery of Victoria is located here, but also due to its private arts galleries, low profile art manifestations and fabulous graffiti. Getting to discover the undergrounds of Melbourne art might require hours and hours of wandering off and inspecting back walls, but there are also agencies who offer guided tours through the city’s less known art galleries and urban masterpieces.

Local Breweries

Melbourne home made beer©thetejon/Flickr

Another less known side of Australia in general and Melbourne in particular is locally produced beer. Let us not forget that Australia is multicultural country so it’s understandable why some of the European immigrants that arrived here decades ago also brought their passion for tasty, home-made beer. Beer lovers and not only should reserve an afternoon for a tour of Melbourne’s breweries – they certainly won’t regret it!

Rooftop Cinema

The Rooftop Cinemas is one of Melbourne’s eccentricities that are certainly worth a try. The warm climate of Victoria has allowed movie buffs in Melbourne to take their passion out in the open and make the best of Melbourne’s summer nights with a screening under the stars. In addition to its exclusive location and good movie selection, the rooftop cinema also offers one of the most appreciated cocktail bars in the city.

Puffing Billy

inside Puffing Billy©thomasrdotorg/Flickr

A historic steam engine which is still in operation, Puffing Billy will take its passangers through the the wonderful woods that cover the scenic Mount Dandenong. The ride doesn’t take much, yet the scenery is superb and you won’t even have to travel much: Mount Dandenong is right at the city’s outskirts.  You can book your train ride online and top it with a nice dinner or wine tasting session at the end of the trip.



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