Natural Attractions in Tasmania

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The tiniest Australian state, Tasmania is quite large for an island and extremely rich in natural beauties. Natural parks and reservations cover about a third of the island’s territory, but due to the low urbanization rate, the whole island is practically a wild paradise. Another thing that makes Tasmania a particularly interesting place to visit is represented by the unique species of animals and plants inhabiting the island. The Tasmanian Devil is probably the best known species endemic to Tasmania but there are lots of other fascinating animals to discover in the Tasmanian forests, lakes and rivers. So check out the following natural attractions in Tasmania, they might inspire you to plan your next adventure:

Gordon River

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Along with its two contributories, Collingwood and Franklin, Gordon River gives birth to a wonderful display of narrow gorges and spectacular rapids. On the upper course, the river is suitable for rafting and kayaking, while close to the river mouth the water is deep enough to allow small vessels. Hiking through the rainforest or cruising are just as popular.

Hastings Caves

This is the largest cave system in Tasmania and also the most visited in the whole country. Newdgate is the best known and also the most spectacular of all caves. The cave features different calcite formations, all strategically lit, and large underground chambers. Claustrophobics can still enjoy the area as there are several thermal springs, including a large pool open to the public.

Freycinett National Park

Let us remember that Tasmania is in fact an island so its beaches and natural bays shouldn’t be neglected, as well. A visit to Freycinett National park represents the best occasion to mix activities such as hiking and climbing with swimming and sunbathing. The beautiful bay with blue and shallow waters is surrounded by a thin strip of golden sand, which then makes room for forested peaks, with countless panorama points. It’s also a great place to observe birds.

Narawntapu National Park

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You cannot leave Tasmania without taking a glimpse (if not a shot) at its famous animals. Wombats, wallabies and Forester kangaroos are a common sight in Narawntapu. You’ll also encounter plenty of species of endemic birds, and have a chance to admire the eucalyptus and mangrove forests.

Mount Wellington

This a lovely hike from Hobart, the Tasmanian capital. The altitude of the mountain is of about 4000 feet, so a hike up to the observation point will offer you super views of Hobart and its vicinities. The mountain trails and roads are suitable for all kind of activities, from mountain biking to entertainment.

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