Must-see attractions in Western Australia

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With Perth as its glorious capital, Western Australia has much to offer to those visitors willing to try something outside the over-popular tourist routes like Queensland or Sydney. The warm waters of the Indian Ocean that borders Western Australia are responsible for some of the best beaches on the continent, whilst the scarcely inhabited inland areas offer priceless landscapes and countless opportunities for hiking, bushwalking and wildlife spotting. The rich marine ecosystems are also among the hidden gems of Western Australia. Checking out these must-see attractions in Western Australia will help you grip a better understanding of the state’s often underestimated touristic potential:

Lucky Bay

One of Austalia’s best kept secrets, Lucky Bay is a picture-perfect beach near Esperance, part of Cape Le Grand National Park. Lucky Bay is mostly famous for its immaculate sand and deep blue waters. The lack of usual accommodation facilities ensures a maximum of tranquillity: campers and caravan owners will certainly enjoy this place, especially for its fishing and snorkelling opportunities.


One of Australia’s biggest cities, Perth offers an interesting a mix of ethnic restaurants, top-rated museums and entertainment facilities. The Scitech Discovery Centre is worth mentioning as one of the most note-worthy (if not the best) science museums in Australia. The state of the art planetarium is the greatest attraction of this captivating museum.

Swan Valley

by Derrick Coetzee

Swan Valley has made a reputation as Western Australia’s premiere tourist spot. Its proximity to perth makes it a favourite picnic place during the weekend. Tourists usually come here attracted by the possibility to indulge on the Valley’s famous wines and authentic country kitchen. Cruises up the Swan River are a popular means of transportation, and same with horse wagon rides. Hikers will enjoy the wood, waterfalls and caves.

Ningaloo Reef

Colourful exotic fish are found in abundance in the clear watrs of the reef, but they ar by no means the biggest attraction in Ningaloo Reef. The reef is one of the few places in the world where common folks like you and I can have the honour to swim along one of the most fascinating creatures in the underwater world: the whale shark.


by piesgardiner

There are many reason why one would want to adventure to the northeren town of Broome. One of these concerns a unique phenomenon happening around Roebuck Bay. The shallow waters in combination with low tide and certain phases of the moon create an optical illusion known as the Staircase to the Moon – a golden reflection connects the earth and the moon for several days a month from early spring to mid-autumn.




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