Mountain Biking in Australia

by Dennis Dalton

Knowing just how much Aussies fancy outdoor sports and activities, there is no wonder that mountain biking is such a popular sport in this country. However, unlike bushwalking or water sports which can be practiced practically everywhere there is land or water, mountain biking is concentrated around the hilly and alpine regions, particularly Victoria. Mountain biking in Australia can be practiced individually (the adventurous natures will probably prefer this option), or by booking some of the numerous tours offered by travel agencies. No matter what your final decision will be, you should first start by taking a look at these popular mountain biking destinations:

Mountain Biking in Canberra

by trailsource

The area of Canberra is generally regarded as the mountain biking capital of Australia. Although the Australian Alps account for the highest peaks on the continent and the number one mountain sports and winter sports destination, this doesn’t apply to mountain biking. Biking in Canberra is just as suitable for beginners as it is for adrenaline seekers: you can find both the extreme trail rides, topped up with obstacles and rough terrain, and the mild scenic trails through the woods. Stromlo Forest Park, Majura Pines, Kowen Forest and Sparrow Hill are some of the most popular trails in the region.

Mountain Biking in New South Wales and Queensland

The territories of Queensland and New South Wales offer some of the most interesting terrain for mountain bikers. These are areas with good climate and great geographic diversity, so it’s your chance to experience hundreds of miles of amazing landscapes. Basically, there are two major options you can choose from: either take a coastal tour – in which case, Byron Bay, which also happens to be a popular surfer’s spot, is an inspired choice – or climb all the way to the Blue Mountains. Famous for their tropical eucalyptus forests, these mountains are considered to be some of the most spectacular due to their unusual rock formations and narrow gorges.

Mountain Biking in Victoria

by trailsource

Snow-capped peaks and picturesque alpine valleys define the landscape of Victoria. Victoria has a number of lovely national parks that are accessible to bikers as well as some purposely designed mountain biking parks like Nowa Nowa Mountain Bike Park. Some of the most scenic and challenging rides can be found in the Otway Ranges, Kinglake National Park and Dandenong Ranges National Park. You Yangs and Lysterfield Lake are very sought-for MTB, with professional, specially designed tracks.

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