Most Unusual Attractions in Australia

Pacific Way

Big Banana ©sixty4coupe/Flickr

Australia is par excellence a country of unusual attractions – its deserts, its unusual animals, its impressive number of poisonous creatures are just a few of Australia’s natural wonders; but what are the most unusual of them all? This is a question I will try to answer in this post. Those of you who are always looking for something new and are tired of walking on the same beaten paths, will like it, I’m sure. So check out some of the most unusual attractions in Australia and see if you can include them in your next Australian tour:

Argyle Diamond Mine, Western Australia

While gents will love this attraction for the exciting opportunity to visit one of the world’s biggest surface mines, ladies will love it for what it contains: diamonds.

diamond mine

Argyle Mine ©piesgardiner/Flickr

Argyle Diamond mine is well-known as one of the biggest diamond providers in the world, but also for the unique colour of its diamonds: pink. Thousands of gems of all sizes are extracted here each year, and end up in the workshops of the world’s best jewelry makers.

Daintree Forest, Queensland

Daintree Tropical Forrestis not only an unusual attractions, but also one of the natural wonders of Australia. Whether you are a tree hugging hippie or a naturalist, you should know that this amazing forest is considered to be the oldest in the world. A fossil forest, Daintree is much older than humankind, and still hosts unique animal and plant species. It’s also a paradise for bird watchers and butterfly photographers.

forest tour

Daintree Forest ©Sue Waters/Flickr

Wycliffe Well, Northern Territory

No real fan of the X-Files should ever miss this attraction: the UFO capital of Australia. We don’t know why green creatures from the outer space have chosen this particular spot in the Australian outback, but what is for sure is that sci-fi fans and UFO experts like to travel here. You’ll find a great concentration of green heads and flying saucer replicas, but it’s not guaranteed that you’ll also meet ET.

Big Banana

Just like the US, Australia is the country of everything big. But it is not some mountain, canyon or lake that is the most famous of all these big attractions, but a banana.

Ocean Way

Big Banana ©sixty4coupe/Flickr

Yes, you heard me right: the Big Banana in Coffs Harbour is one very dear attraction for Australians. The banana can be visited by those driving along Australia’s famous Pacific Way. It is made of metal, painted in yellow (how else?) and it is the central attraction of a small entertainment park.

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