Most Popular Water Sports Destinations in Australia

surfing in Australia

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It’s hard to imagine a better water sport destination than Australia. A country surrounded by two oceans, which is also home to several climate zones, Australia offers endless possibilities of the practice of water sports. Scuba diving, sailing, speed boating, surfing or snorkeling are just a few of the many sports you can try out during a trip Down Under.

But where exactly should you go if you want to experience the best splashes and most thrilling moments? For this, we have selected a handful of destinations that we invite you to take a closer look at:


Australia’s undisputed sports capital, Melbourne is the host of numerous international competitions, such as Australian Open or the Formula 1 Grand Prix. Water sports also find a place among Melbourne’s most popular activities. In addition to being home to some of the biggest and most luxurious yacht clubs in Australia, Melbourne can also offer tourists a taste of speed boating, water skiing, wind sailing and many other similar sports.

boats festival

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Hervey Bay

Hervey Bay on the coast of Queensland is considered by many as one of Australia’s top whale watching destinations. But few know that Hervey Bay is also a great destination for water sports lovers. For a start, you should know that sailing and fishing in the area are excellent. If you are not keen on sailing you can always try kayaking, jet skiing or wind surfing.

whale watching

Whale at Hervey Bay ©Centophobia/Flickr

Port Douglas

As the main entrance gate to the Great Barrier Reef, Port Douglas has been long been considered as  one of most popular water sports destinations in Australia. Hundreds of boats and yachts depart daily from Port Douglas, filled with scuba diving and snorkeling aficionados. Yachting and cruising are two of the most common ways to explore the beauties of the reef.


A major Australian city, Brisbane is also an important water spots destination. Scuba diving is probably the most widely practiced water sport around Brisbane, and there are dozens of companies and schools that organize scuba diving trips and classes. But there are many other sports you can try here, starting with sailing and canoeing and finishing with jet skiing. You should also know that the surroundings of Brisbane offer some of the best surfing beaches in Australia. Surfers Beach is a top destination for surfers and beach-goers – the resort is just and hours’ drive from Brisbane and fully equipped for a range of water-sports.

surfing in Australia

surfer ©TravOC/Flickr


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