Most popular attractions in New South Wales


With Sydney as its trademark city, New South Wales manages to attract millions of vacation-makers, business persons and students every year. And even though Sydney itself has enough fame and attractions in order to determine people circle the Globe for a glimpse of its iconic Opera House, it’s still a small part of what the New South Wales as a whole has to offer. Just to give you an idea of this southern Australian state’s touristic potential, here come some of the most popular attractions in New South Wales:

Angourie Beach

Australia is famous for its surfer-friendly beaches, but few are as famous as Angourie. The relative isolation and the vicinity of a natural reserve make this beaches one of the cleanest and most tranquil surfer beaches. An ideal place for beginner surfers, Angourie is protected by Australian laws.

Australian Alps

hiking in the Australian Alps©aschaf/Flickr

Along with beaches, NSW was also blessed with Australia’s highest mountain ranges. Across the Australian Alps you will find premiere ski resorts, breath-taking landscapes, as well as unrivalled hiking trails. The Snowy Mountains and Kousciuszko National Park are quite famous for their amazing views, and if you plan to climb one of Australia’s major peaks this is also the place to go. Just make sure you know your limits: the mountains are not as high as the real Alps, but some of the trails are tagged as ‘strenuous’.


NSW has a very rustic and rural side that many tourists often underestimate. A first step towards exploring this less known parts of NSW is traveling as far as Oberon. A photographer’s heaven, the region around Oberon consists of valleys, small towns and picturesque farm houses. Oberon is also a good place to shop for hand crafted souvenirs and traditional food products.


Riverina small town©Mattinbgn/Flickr

A vast agricultural zone, Riverina is responsible for most of NSW’s wool, meat, rice, citrus and, most importantly, wine production. Across Riverina one can enjoy the endless rice and vine fields, but also various forms of entertainment like stream engine journeys or boat trips. If you were looking for a place to sample Australia’s famous wines, Riverina might be the perfect option for you.

Abercrombie Caves

Those fascinated with subterranean worlds shouldn’t miss the occasion to visit the Abercrombie caves. The beautiful marble columns are the big attractions of these caves, but you will also have the occasion to admire stalactites, stalagmites and other fascinating limestone formations. However, in addition to its aesthetic richness, the region was also known for its gold mines.


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