Most Famous Australian Musicians

There are lots of Aussies who managed to conquer world fame, as we could see from one of our previous posts. Some of them are sportsmen, other actors or navigators, but there is also a significant number of Australian musicians and bands, some of which I would like to present you today.
Of course, when talking about the music of Australia we can understand a lot of different genres, from the traditional music of the aboriginals to the modern house and hip hop. Australia cannot be compared with USA in terms of innovations, but there are still plenty of world renowned musicians who were born in this country. Thus leaving traditional and classical music apart, I give you the most famous Australian musicians (and bands):


by miquelsi

It’s a little awkward to qualify AC/DC as an Aussie band. These die-hard rockers have long entered the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame and are now part of a universal patrimony. But in their early days, the members of AC/DC were just some enthusiastic Sydney musicians with a passion for hard rock. Despite the premature death of their lead singer Bon Scott in 1980, AC/DC tours and concerts continue till our day.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

Nick Cave and his Bed Seeds are also part of the Australian rock titans. With a style that is generally considered as alternative rock and the unique voice of Nick Cave, the band has sold millions of albums all around the world. The multi-talented Nick Cave, the voice and front man of this Aussie band, is known not only for its musical work, but also as a writer and actor (Cave co-starred Brad Pitt).

Kylie Minogue

by basic sounds

It’s hard to imagine a person over 15 these days who hasn’t heard of Kylie Minogue. Kylie Minogue is the absolute diva of Australian pop music and the winner of a Grammy award. A radical change if style and appearance in the early 2000s has transformed Kylie Minogue into a well-known  Australian sex-symbol.

Savage Garden

In a time when a new boy band was thrown into the spotlight every week just to disappear after one month, the duo from Brisbane made millions of teenagers around the world buy their albums and learn all lyrics by heart. Savage Garden entered the history as the creators of some of the most romantic songs, a winning combination of a brilliant keyboard player and composer and a calm, relaxing voice.


by anee baba

Pendulum is now leading the new wave of Australian musicians. The band was born in Perth in 2002 and has so far released several successful albums, having performed at famous music festival around the world.

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