Most Amazing National Parks in Australia

Australian National ParksAustralia might not be a preferred destination for those wanting to admire the the crafty arches of a Gothic cathedral, but in terms of natural beauties the world’s smallest continent will never cease to amaze. With 11 listed UNESCO World Heritage Sites and more than 7% of its surface covered by national parks, Australia benefits from an overwhelmingly diverse nature. And while most of these sites can quite please you from an aesthetic perspective, Australia’s true asset is represented by the numerous species of plants and animals that are endemic to this continent. This means that except for a zoo or some eccentric millionaire’s estate, there is no place in the world other than Australia where you can watch a koala or a real-life kangaroo. The following most amazing national parks in Australia are meant to impress even the least outdoorsy of us:

Greater Blue Mountains Area,  New South Wales

Australia National ParksThe Blue Mountains in New South Wales are not particularly high (1190 m at their highest elevation), but here in the vicinity of  Sydney, sandstone, water and eucalyptus forests give birth to breathtaking views. Two are the features that make this park so spectacular: the deep, hardly accessible gorges and the omnipresent blue haze that inspired the mountains’ name. Most of the park surface is covered by eucalyptus forests, among which you will find many relic species of plants.

Shark Bay, Western Australia

The name of this natural reservation can be a little misleading, as sharks here might not be as present as the name suggest. However, the park is home to an impressive number of aquatic animals, from the sew cow and dolphin colonies, to endangered species of birds, reptiles and aquatic mammals. As for the large seaweed meadows in the bay, they are the ones responsible for the water’s greenish color.

Great Barrier  Reef, Queensland

Great Barrier ReefNow I’m thinking that maybe I should have put the Great Barrier Reef at the top of my ‘most amazing national parks in Australia‘ list: there aren’t few those who consider it to be one of the seven wonders of the natural world. While the perspective of diving among rainbow corrals and multicolored exotic fish is enough reason to get you booking your trip to Australia, let me just tell you that once you arrive here you will be haunted by one singe thought: who can some tiny organisms as corals be responsible for over 1600 miles of painstaking beauty?

Gondwana Rainforest, Queensland

Australia - GondwanaIf you are ever traveling in the Queensland area, try taking a small detour and visit the Gondwana Rainforest of Australia. You might not find the views to be very impressive, but keep in mind that you might be looking at some of the oldest species of plants in the world. Yes, long before continents separated into Africa, Europe, Australia etc., the same types of trees and bushes were covering the Earth.

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