Melbourne for Art Lovers

With its huge skyscrapers and dynamic economy, Melbourne is usually associated with business traveling. But this doesn’t mean that Melbourne cannot make an excellent destination for a family vacation or a romantic weekend escape. Actually, there are many interesting sides of Melbourne to explore by those willing to learn more about this cosmopolitan Australian city.
For instance, despite the ever growing business sector, the artistic life in Melbourne is quite prolific. What I would like to call ‘Melbourne for Art Lovers‘ makes the topic of today’s post, but keep in mind that this is merely a way of putting it: the wonderful Melbourne museums, art galleries and artistic manifestations are there for everyone to enjoy.

Art Museums in Melbourne

by phillipC

Depending on one’s understanding of the concept of art, Melbourne displays a great variety or artistic movements and techniques. The National Gallery of Victoria is one of the most popular attractions in Melbourne and a museum in the most classical style, with an impressive collection of European art but also less traditional domains like fashion and photography. Australian Centre for the Moving Image and  Melbourne Arts Centre will introduce visitors to more contemporary domains such as installation, conceptual and digital art.

Arts and Crafts Shopping in Melbourne

by euskadi11

Those looking for a closer encounter with contemporary Melbourne-based artists might as well take a stroll trough the city’s numerous art galleries. Many of these galleries can be found in the suburbs of Melbourne like the Manningham Gallery, The Faculty Gallery or the RMIT Gallery. South Yarra Art House Gallery is one of Melbourne’s oldest, most successful private art galleries. As for artsy souvenirs and traditional crafts shopping, here you will have all the liberty of choice, from antique and autograph stores, to outdoor art and craft markets like Apollo Bat Market or the Redox Jewelry Market.

Art Festivals and Events in Melbourne

by donotlick

Melbourne is the annual host of Melbourne Festival, a 2-week, 3-weekend manifestation taking place in October. The event is quite famous nation wide and marks the arrival of Australian spring through art exhibitions and lots of music and dance. This is also a great opportunity for young artists to step up, as the event also includes a lot of multimedia presentations and art happenings. Melbourne Festival is an ever growing event, and most of the attractions and activities will be free, so don’t miss it if you happen to be here in October!

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