Luxury Holiday Destinations in Queensland

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With an incredible diversity of attractions and landscapes, which include, among others, tropical beaches, prehistoric rainforest and the world’s biggest barrier reef, Queensland is among Australia’s most sought-for destinations.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Queensland is also where some of the best, most lavish luxury resorts in Australia can be found – places with top notch amenities, flawless service and unrivaled natural setting. With our hand-picked luxury holiday destinations in Queensland, traveling in style has never been easier:

Orpheus Resort, Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is a first-class diving spot, but five-star hotels are not a rarity here, either. If you are not into diving or you need to relax in style after an eventful day around the reef, Orpheus Resort might be just the right kind of resort for you. Situated on a private island off the coats of Townsville, the resorts awaits visitors with a choice of sea-view rooms, suites and villas. In addition to gourmet food and secluded beaches, the resort also offers a wide range of activities, from diving to cruising in a glass-bottomed boat.

beach resort

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Spicers Balfour Hotel, Brisbane

As one of Brisbane’s most exclusive boutique hotels, Spicers Balfour combines the elegance of a historic Brisbane villa with the unique design of its 9 luxury rooms. Here in the heart of Brisbane you can enjoy all the attractions and delights of a big city, along with the hotel’s intimate Australian cuisine restaurant.

Paradise Bay Eco Escape, Whitsundays

For a luxury-traveler with a concern for the environment, this eco-resort in the beautiful Whitsundays archipelago might just do the trick.  Although everything here was designed to reduce the carbon footprint and energy consumption to a minimum, the accommodation standard are really those of a boutique hotel. So when you are not indulging in the wonderful dishes available in the resorts’ gourmet restaurant, you can enjoy the simple pleasures offers by the picture-perfect beaches, water and sky around you.

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Whitsunday Islands ©Madeleine_H/Flickr

Lookout Holiday Resort, Noosa Heads

Continental Queensland can be just as beautiful as its nearby island. Covered in tropical woods and washed by a warm, turquoise sea, the area of Noosa Heads is one of Queensland’ favorite outdoor destinations. Tucked between luxuriant woods, the villas at Lookout Resort offer breathtaking views of the surrounding trees and bay. Very close to the villa complex you can also find a long stretch of fond sand beach. The resort is a gateway to all the wonderful natural attractions in the region, which is rich not only in hiking trails, but also in fabulous restaurants and shops.

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Noosa Heads beach ©brewbooks/Flickr

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