Kid-Friendly Attractions in Melbourne

Royal Botanic Gardens

picnic at Melbourne Botanic Garden ©Rene Cunningham/Flickr

A popular business and sports destination in Australia, Melbourne should not be mistaken for an adult-only city. Quite the contrary: there are numerous kid-friendly attractions in Melbourne, suitable for all tastes and ages. An iconic amusement park, a world-famous zoo and aquarium, dozens of urban playgrounds, and a truly remarkable natural setting are some of Melbourne’s greatest attributes when it comes to family attractions.

If you are looking for places in Melbourne where to spend some quality time with your family, then here are a few suggestions:

Melbourne Zoo

Any respectable city must have a zoo, especially in Australia, a country with such unique nature and animal species. And the Melbourne Zoo is quite remarkable in this sense: home to about 300 different species, the zoo features not only native species but also exotic animals such as elephants, orangutans or mountain gorillas. It also offers numerous educational and interactive sessions that are especially designed for kids, including some irresistible freebies.

Melbourne attraction

lemur at Melbourne Zoo ©safetypinheart/Flickr

Royal Botanic Gardens

If you think that taking care of 300 different animals is difficult, then imagine having 50 000 species of plants in your garden! This is the approximate number of species that one can observe at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne, a great place to learn, play, and relax. Much can be said about this popular Melbourne attraction, however, considering the theme of today’s post, I will only add that here you can find some really special Children’s Garden. This is a very interactive part of the Royal Gardens, where children can play, take care of plants and even eat some fresh vegetables and fruits.

Royal Botanic Gardens

picnic at Melbourne Botanic Garden ©Rene Cunningham/Flickr

Luna Park

Luna Park is Australia’s most-celebrated attraction park, with locations in both Sydney and Melbourne. Luna Park is where the old meets the new, a place that grown-ups, teenagers and toddles altogether will enjoy! Apart for the usual rides and attractions that you would expect to find in a theme park – such a carousels or merry-go-rounds – you can also experience goose-bumping roller coasters, like the historic Scenic Railway roller coaster.

Healsville Sanctuary

No other Melbourne attractions is more suitable for watching and petting Australian animals such as cute koalas, as well as learning about the dangers these unique species are faced with. Located in the picturesque Yarra Valley,  the sanctuary specializes in rescuing and treating wild animals. It runs several tours and educative workshops, which teach kids about the center’s activities or lets them pet some of the more friendly animal guests.

feeding time

Healsville Sanctuary © daveandlolo/Flickr

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