Kangaroo Fun Facts

by travelingtamas

Kangaroos are Australia’s cutest and most famous ambassadors. These interesting animals have made quite a reputation around the world. It would be unpardonable to visit Australia without getting a chance to encounter these fascinating marsupials. But first, let’s start with a few kangaroo fun facts:

How to call a kangaroo

by anthonycramp

You may be wondering how kangaroos got their name. It seems that the word kangaroo was derived from ‘gangurru’, the aboriginal term for this animal. There are several types of kangaroos in Australia: great kangaroos, red kangaroos, tree kangaroos and wallaroos.
Also interesting about kangaroos is the way individuals are called depending on their age or sex. Thus, an adult male is called a buck, while and adult female is called a doe. As for the babies, they are referred to as joeys.

Hopping like a kangaroo

Kangaroos are known for their particular way of walking – or, better said, hopping. Their long legs and strong tail help them make really high jumps. At his maximal speed, a kangaroo (here we speak of the red variety, which is also the largest) can reach a speed of 60 kilometers per hour and jump about ten meters in length.
It seems that kangaroos have developed this type of movement as an adaptation to their habitat. The lack of resources required them to travel for long distances so they found a method to move really fast without burning too much energy.
Although they can jump up to 3 meters in the air, kangaroos cannot move backwards. A kangaroo is able to swim, however.

Boxing like a kangaroo

by Pascal Vuylsteker

You’ve probably seen a lot of cartoons in which kangaroos were depicted with boxing gloves on their paws. The truth is that kangaroos can become really powerful and aggressive when threatened. Imagine that some of these animals can weigh as much as 90 kilograms; plus, they have really strong feet. A kangaroo’s strongest weapons are its sharp toenails.

Eating like a kangaroo

If you are wondering what kangaroos eat then you should know that their diet is entirely vegetarian (they eat grass!). Another particularity of kangaroos is their ability to resists thirst. When it is very little, a kangaroo lives in his mother’s pouch and feeds on milk (as kangaroos are really small when they are born, they must be taken care of for almost 9 months). Kangaroos are not very keen on feeding or searching for food during the day – they prefer to do this at dusk or dawn, when the weather is cooler.

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