Hottest Clubs in Sydney

by stuarthaiz

The biggest city in Australia and a kind of informal capital of the country, Sydney prides on its multicultural heritage, artistic community and buzzing nightlife. Aussies are generally regarded as very laid-back people so they very likely know how to party, as well. This also becomes obvious if we consider Sydney’s numerous bars, clubs, concert venues and lounges. The best way to learn the Aussie way to party is to attend some of the hottest clubs in Sydney and get lost in the crowd. Here’s my list of some really cool Sydney clubs:

The World Bar

by safaris

Located in Sydney’s King Cross District, The World Bar has made a reputation for featuring promising indie bands, serving unusual cocktails and staying open till 7 in the morning. The historic building hosting the club is an ex artist squat so don’t be surprised if you find all kinds of paintings and photographs hanging in the walls. With dance nights animated by international DJ’s, the World Bar is a party animal’s favorite hangout.


This bar’s 8 big halls and the various musical genres played are meant to make everyone feel at home. The club can fit in up to 2100 people, whose combined energy will rock the biggest parties in Sydney. Situated in the Cockle Bay Warf area, the club also features a waterfront terrace with great views of the bay.

The Chinese Laundry

If you are looking forward to meet the best DJ’s in Australia and align yourself with the hipster elite of Sydney, try the Chinese Laundry at the King and Sussex Streets. Here you’ll be able to join the hottest hip-hop, electro and D&B parties, plus an extravagant, inspiring décor. The Chinese Laundry has a long history of entertaining Sydney’s crowds, so you won’t be disappointed by its energizing atmosphere.


by mrdarkroom

A dance club by excellence, Tank is a contemporary dance floor where good music, good acoustics and famous DJ’s are the recipe for successful parties. Tank is mainly focused on electro music and DJ parties, but the crowd here can be quite eclectic. This location is definitely worthy of a visit, if not for the music, than at least for the mesmerizing visuals.

The Pontoon

A sophisticated, minimalist decorum and a huge terrace overlooking the harbor make the Pontoon one of the most elegant bars in Sydney. This is a great place for chilling, enjoying a dinner with a view as well as dancing. The menu consists mainly of snacks and sandwiches and the playlist of ambiental and live DJ music.


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