Hot Air Ballooning in Australia Tips

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With a great diversity of landscapes, Australia is a great place for hot air ballooning! Whether you’ll be visiting the Australian outback and its solitary rocks, the picturesque wine regions, the endless rainforests or the thriving cities with their sophisticated urban landscape, a balloon ride can provide you with both the thrill of adventure and the panoramic pictures that would make even professional photographers weep. Check out these hot air ballooning in Australia tips and find out the when and hows of this popular Australian leisure activity:

Popular Hot Air Balooning destinations

As I have said before, ballooning is practiced in many parts of Australia, but it is mostly popular in the touristy places. There are always the specialized agencies which offer balloon rides, and these are easy to be found online or at any visitor information office in Melbourne, Brisbane, Cairns, Port Douglas, Gold Coast or Yarra Valley.


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Balloon rides can be quite pricey, especially when you are traveling with a large family. Although children usually benefit from discounts, a flight for a four member party will usually cost around 1000 $. Don’t get discouraged though: it is really a unique and rewarding experience.

Dangers and Precautions

A very important thing when it comes to hot air ballooning is the fact that the success of your trip depends entirely on the weather. So if it’s a rainy or a windy day, the duty pilot might decide to cancel your trip. Pregnant women are usually discouraged from flying in a hot air balloon. Also, due to the altitude and pressure changes, it is forbidden to fly in a balloon in less than 24 hours after completing a dive.

Things to keep in mind


A very important thing to remember if you are planning a balloon trip is that this activity requires some preparations – of which advance booking is the main priority. Balloon flights are not only  weather dependant but also occur at certain times of the day – usually at the break of dawn, so one must wake up quite early. A ride can take anything between half an hour to half a day (including additional activities like eating a special meal or wine tasting) so reserve plenty of time for it. Also, try to wear hiking boots and comfortable clothes – you’ll be landing on ground, not a modern airport. As a last piece of advice, check out the company’s policy on photographing and filming – you’ll want to immortalize this one way or another.

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