Historic Towns in Australia

Despite its glorified cities and nature, you wouldn’t expect Australia to have much of that provincial charm that is so typical for European countries – however, the truth is that one can find some really nice historic towns in Australia. Of course, you won’t find any Roman ruins or medieval churches around here, but the quaint small town category is quite well represented considering Australia’s scarce population. If you happen to be one of those persons who are crazy about wooden general stores or hand painted store signs, here are some places that you might want to add to your itinerary:


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A mining town in Southern Australia, Burra was once inhabited by the Ngadjuri Aboriginals. The discovery of great copper reserves has shifted the economy if this small community from a pastoral to a mining one. However, farming is now back to being the main activity in the area, especially the growth of merino sheep. As for historic attractions, you can still visit the old mine galleries and mining equipment, as well as the miner cottages.

Port Arthur

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It’s hard to believe that a former prison could reach such a degree of popularity. Port Arthur, a small town in Tasmania, has become one of Australia’s most visited historic sites. The past of Port Arthur is far from being all milk and honey: the place was a maximum security prison in the 19th century and the site of a horrible massacre in the `90s. Despite these facts, the nature surrounding the ex-prison is stunning.


The charm of USA’s Old West can be recognized on the streets of Maldon, Victoria. In the second half of the 19th century, Maldon emerged as a gold seeker’s establishment. Once the gold rush was gone, Maldon managed to preserve its old saloons, hotels and churches with such great art that today the town resembles an open air museum.


Another lovely gold mining town in Victoria is Beechworth, arguably one of the best historic towns in Australia. Throughout its eventful existence, Breechworth was home to legendary outlaws and men of law, including the notorious Ned Kelly. Another thing that present day Breechworth is famous for are the quality wines.


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Those searching for small town serenity and calm will find Peterborough in Western Australia to be the perfect choice. Despite the fact that the inhabitants of Peterborough had less adventurous occupations (they were farmers, rather than gold seekers) the down does have some notable old buildings, as well as a train museum.

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