Guide to the Most Dangerous Animals in Australia

So far we’ve seen much of Australia’s wonderful natural attractions and cities since starting this blog, so maybe it’s time to speak about the dark side of world’s smallest continent. Before the arrival of the white settlers, Australia was a continent that lacked big predators, which partially explains its unique ecosystems. However, Australia also accounts for some of the most poisonous/dangerous animals in the world. This is indeed an interesting paradox which is why I decided to write a short guide on the most dangerous animals in Australia.
First I should tell you that despite the common belief that Australian snakes are the greatest perils you might encounter, this is not generally valid. There are some very poisonous snake species in Australia, but there are also a lot of insects and marine animals that can become a threat to humans. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Saltwater Crocodile

by thinboyfatter

Well, this seems like an obvious choice: crocodiles are agile and fierce predators, and, unlike most other animals, they don’t hesitate to attack humans when searching for prey. Crocs can only be a trouble when swimming, so keep an eye for warning signs whenever you take a swim, especially when you are on the Northern Territory.

Box Jellyfish

by mayabe

Jellyfish might seem like delicate, inoffensive creatures, but this is not the case of the variety known as the Box Jellyfish. Quite hard to spot and avoid while swimming in North Australian waters, jellyfish can inject you with a very dangerous toxine, which in many cases will make your heart stop. If treated immediately, however, the bite won’t be fatal.

Funnel Web Spider

by ta-graphy

Here is a tiny little creature with a deadly bite. As the name tells you, this spider’s web resembles a funnel, but the name forgets to mention how dangerous the venom of this insect can be for humans (deadly dangerous, I might say). While the venom can be neutralized if reaching a hospital in time, it is totally unpredictable where these spiders might be encountered – they are as likely to be found in the wilderness or in someone’s yard.

Stone Fish

Swimming and diving among the corals represents a

by ciamabue

wonderful experience, but not an entirely safe one. Australia has several species of poisonous fish, among which the Stone Fish. The Stone Fish can often hide under rocks and corals, in rivers and salt water, so be careful where you step and make sure you head towards the closest hospital if bitten.

Taipan Snake

by denn

Last but not least, here comes the most dangerous snake on the planet. The favorite food of taipan snake is represented by rats, but this this doesn’t stop it to inject its victims with enough venom to kill 100 people. Avoid getting closer to snakes and making sudden moves: they only attack if they feel threatened.

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