Guide to Shopping in Brisbane

by monissa

Brilliantly located on the coast of tropical Queensland, Brisbane has all the advantages of a major, modern city and a perpetual summer. Tourists visiting Brisbane hardly ever have to suffer from hostile weather, which is a great news for both adventurers and shopaholics. In addition to the numerous attractions and various activities one might engage in, Brisbane is also one of the best places to shop in the whole country. One of the biggest and busiest cities in Australia, Brisbane can offer a complete shopping experience: from Chinese antiquities to local fashion brands, nothing is refused to those willing to spend their day strolling through the city’s art galleries, shops and markets. Thus, my brief guide to shopping in Brisbane can be a good place to start your quest for bargains and deals:

High Street Shopping

by samuel mann

Like any other fairly sized city of the Western culture, Brisbane has an extensive, centrally located shopping district. Edward Street is for Brisbane what Champs Elisees Boulevard is for Paris or Melrose Place for Los Angeles. This is where most of the boutiques are located, so luxury brand aficionados can find all the great names (Gucci, Dior, Armani) in the same place. Another famous street with shoppers is the Queen Street (a predestined names, it seems). No less than 8 major shopping central are located along this street, among which the Myer Centre, Queens Plaza, Winter Garden and Brisbane Arcade.

Brisbane Malls and Shopping Centers

I’ve already listed some of the centrally located Brisbane malls and shopping centers in the previous article. But there is even more to discover in the outer areas of Brisbane. Toombull, Mount Cavatt and Indooroopilly are among the biggest malls in Brisbane, and are all located in the wealthy suburbs of Brisbane. The shops around the Valley are highly recommended for those is search for house hold goods or sports equipment.

Brisbane Markets

by david jackmanson

Whether we are speaking picturesque farmers markets or huge various goods markets spreading along miles, the Brisbane markets are a great way to interact with the locals and grab some nicely priced valuables. For those shopping without a precise purpose, the Chinatown and the South Bank Markets are probably the best destinations. A small but very artistic market can be found at St. John’s Hall on Oxford Street two times per month, with local artists and artisans selling top quality souvenirs. This is the best place for those willing to surprise their friends with something more that the regular fridge magnet.

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