Guide to Fun and Entertainment in Perth

by stusev

Those looking for some fun time during their visit in Perth might find themselves in a great dilemma: with so many activities available, even a two week vacation might seem to short! Perth is a modern city with a pleasant climate which invites you to go outside and enjoy the urban landscape and the beautiful surroundings. There are tons of tours, restaurants, events, galleries and sport activities to choose from. Perth is renowned for its watersports and surf perfect beaches, but also for its short distance cruises. You can find more about Perth activities from this guide to fun and entertainment in Perth:


Taking a small cruise boat up Swan River or a helicopter ride above Perth’s skyscrapers are just two ways of enjoying this great Australian city. But let’s see if you can kill two birds with the same stone: at Mill Point beach you can book a parasailing ride that will let you grasp at both the picturesque river and the futuristic skyline.

Cycling tours

Perth can be a totally different city if seen from a bike. There are some agencies renting bikes on a daily or hourly basis, as well as numerous bike ways located all over the city (especially alongside the river and the sea). Guided bike tours might also be available. This is a great opportunity to travel in an earth friendly manner and keep fit in the same time.

Dinner cruising

by eguide travel

If your stay in Perth is very limited and you feel that you have to choose between going out or booking a short tour, here’s an idea to consider: why not book a dinner cruise? Indulge yourself with some tast seafood and good Australian wine while the city lights turn on one by one.

Sumerville Auditorium

It’s hard to imagine a more pleasant way to spend a summer evening in Perth than joining a crowd of 1000 or more in watching a good movie. But unlike the conventional movie theatres, Sumerville Auditorium is located outside, so the distant sound of sea and the waving of the trees will keep you good company.


Perth has a well-known music scene, so attending a gig is a very popular activity among Perth natives and tourists alike. There are many local bands which have attained national and even international fame, so don’t miss the chance to see them if they happen to be in town. Rock and hip hop are the most popular music genres here, but good jazz clubs and DJ clubs can also be found.

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