Guide to fishing in Tasmania

by eutrophication&hypoxia

With unequalled scenery and a great diversity of ecosystems, Tasmania is one of the best fishing destinations in the world. Professional and passionate fishermen will no doubt appreciate the great variety of environments within a relatively small area – from this perspective, Tasmania has got them all, from cold mountain rivers to tropical coastlines. Also, beginners will enjoy the unaltered nature and the adventurous fishing tours which will help them get a taste of this relaxing sport.

The most important thing to remember when it comes to fishing here is that you’ll only need a permit for freshwater fishing – those with a rod will have no problems fishing in the sea. My guide to fishing in Tasmania shows you some of the best fishing spots on the island:

Tyenna River

What makes this river in Tasmania a brilliant fishing trip destination is the abundance of fish. Experts say this is the most densely populated of all Tasmanian rivers, so even beginner fishermen or those haunted by misfortune will find their luck in here. As in most Tasmanian mountain rivers, trout is the main species you’ll encounter.

Pirates Bay

by daecon

Another area rich in fish is the Pirates Bay, a bay situated in Southern Tasmania, not very far from Hobart. Huge tuna are a common sight in the area, which is why Pirates Bay is particularly  popular with big game fishing – meaning that the fish that are caught can also be consumed. However, if you’re aiming at the big fish, keep in mind that you’ll need a good boat and sturdy equipment – tuna fish often weight several tenths of kilograms.

Arthurs Lake

Really passionate fisherman should not miss this lake near Hobart. Unlike the previously mentioned fishing spots, this is a proper fishery. The lake is huge and contains enough nice spots in order to make it a week long fishing trip – considering the scenery and the two camping grounds in the area, I’d say the place is perfect for a weekend family trip.

Duck Bay

by robynejay

The only other type of water ecosystem that can be found in Tasmania is estuary. Estuaries have a special status in the sense that some of them might contain really unique species and thus fishing might be restricted. In the case of Duck Bay, there is no commercial fishing in the area which makes it possible for recreational fishermen to catch some fine salmon and flathead in almost no time.


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