Favourite Aussie Dishes

Vegemite chicken wings©irrational_cat/Flickr

You might think that there is little to be said about Australian food, but if traditional Australian restaurants are not as popular as Chinese or Indian ones, it doesn’t mean Australia doesn’t have its own cuisine. Actually, Australian food is among those special things which can only be discovered, tasted and appreciated once you’ve set foot on the continent. Australian cuisine does have a its distinctive flavour, but so far I’ll try to focus on these favourite Aussie dishes that you are most likely to encounter in your travels:

Anzac Biscuits

Anzac biscuits©amandabhslater/Flickr

Anzac biscuits have been around for quite a while now; actually considering how young of a nation Australia is, one could say they are quite ancient. The biscuits first became popular during World War I, when Aussie mothers and wives used to bake the simple oats, coconut and golden syrup biscuits and send them to the front. The biscuits would last for several weeks and so they became a popular dessert but also a symbol of heroism.

Prawn on the Barbie

Like any country surrounded in all direction by water, Australia is quite keen on seafood. A dish like shrimp on the Barbie was thus born from two very typical Australian eating habits: grilling meat and seafood consumption. This simple dish also has a history: it became popular in the 80s, as part of an international campaign to promote tourism in Australia.

Bush tucker

Much older than any of the other dishes listed in this list of favourite Aussie dishes is the so-called bush tucker. The name actually refers to all the dishes that are specific to the native Australian (Aboriginal) cuisine. Bush food includes kangaroo or crocodile meat and is accompanied by herbs and fruits which are specific to Australia, like ribery or lemon myrtle.



There are few things more Australian than this versatile spread. Just like the British ‘marmite’, vegemite is said to be a ‘hate it or love it’ kind of food. Vegemite is salty and it is made out of yeast. It is dark in colour and is mostly used on sandwiches and toast.


Last on my list of popular Australian foods is a delicious desert called Pavlova. Pavlova is not particularly Australian however it enjoys a lot of popularity in the country’s bakeries and homes. A simple but refreshing desert, Pavlova consists of a meringue base, topped with fruit and fresh cream – quite tasty!

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