Family Attractions in Cairns


If you are traveling in the exotic Queensland, you will, most likely, have to spend at least a couple of hours in Cairns – the main entrance gate to North Queensland’s beauties. The great thing about Cairns is that it seems to be the perfect combination natural and man-made attractions. Cairns can make an inspired stop in a family trip through Queensland, so it’s essential to know few of the most popular family attractions in Cairns:

Great Barrier Reef

Its proximity to the Great Barrier Reef is probably the main reason behind Cairn’s great popularity with tourists – a boat from cairns will take you to the Reef in less than one hour’s trip. From here you can dive in and discover all the expected and unexpected wonders swimming among the corals, in one of the clearest waters you’re ever likely to encounter. (Maybe not the best options for families with small children, though).

Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park

If this is your first trip to Australia than you simply cannot go back without getting the chance to learn some basic facts about Australian Aboriginal culture. Luckily, Cairns has one of the biggest such centres in the country. Tjapukai Park is particularly famous for its traditional song and dance representations, which means you can make this visit not only educational, but entertaining as well.

The Skyrail

Any respectable city must be provided with a panorama point – and Cairns is no exception from the rule. The Cairns Skyrail is meat to take tourists in a relaxing journey through Cairn’s magnificent scenery. Aboard this cableway gondola you’ll be able to peek into the secrets of the Australian rainforest and admire some spectacular gorges, while almost touching the tops if the higher trees.

Hot Air Ballooning

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Hot air ballooning is widely popular in Australia and the lovely surroundings of Cairns seem particularly suitable for this kind of trip. Usually you’ll be able to choose among several itineraries and providers, just keep in mind to make your reservation in advance. Hot air balloon trips can be quite thrilling, so before you book one make sure your kids aren’t afraid of heights and are willing to wake up very early in the morning.

Hartley’s Crocodile Adventure

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A croc encounter is part of the Australian experiences, especially when it takes place into one of the country’s numerous croc farms (rather than it the wildJ). At Hartley’s crocodile Adventure you can watch these fascinating reptiles and some other animals specific to this area of Australia, see how crocs are fed and, of course, attend a crocodile show. Those faint of heart can resume at feeding a koala.

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