Extreme Sports in Australia

Adrenaline seekers would be happy to discover that no extreme sports are forbidden in the country of Oz. With its outdoorsy lifestyle and superb nature, Australia is an ideal extreme sports destination. You can practically try out any activity here, from diving with a shark to bungee jumping. Those interested in extreme sports in Australia will be pleasantly surprised by the variety of sports and activities available to them. And, believe it or not, you might even find some extreme sports you never heard of before. Let’s take a look at some popular activities and where they can be practiced:

Water sports

by mikebaird

Surrounded by thousands of kilometers of beach and two major oceans, Australia rules as a major surfing destination. There are surfer beaches everywhere on the coast except for the Northern territory, with prime surfing locations as Great Ocean Road (South), Queensland (East) and Margaret River (West), welcoming thousands of surfers per year. Many of these places are also great for windsurfing, however Geraldton is generally considered as the capital of this sport. Sharks are no strangers to Australian waters, so you might check out the bigger ports for diving with the shark’s adventure tours.

Mountain sports

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Climbing is available in many Australian mountain resorts, canyons and national parks. The major ski resorts where snowboarding can also be practiced are located in Victoria, in the Australian Alps. The Franklin River is the no. 1 attraction for white water rafting, while Thredbo is well-known among mountain bikers of all ages. If you are looking to discover the mysterious treasures for the underground, try booking an adventure tour at Wee Jasper Caves.

Urban sports

The majority of Australia’s big metropolitan areas are located along the coast, this is why here you can find a great variety of extreme sports facilities. Speed boats and flying trapeze lessons are popular with Sydney tourists. In terms of bungee jumping, Australia is not as extreme as her neighbor New Zealand, however you can still find some nice jumps in Cairns and Gold Coast.

Flying and hot air ballooning

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Melbourne is a great destination for those wanting to be initiated in the art of acrobatic flying. As for tandem paragliding and sky diving, you can book them in almost every major city or resort. Hot air ballooning, which, to my opinion, is more of a high altitude walk than a proper extreme sport, can be tried in some rural, scenic area like Yarra Valley or Canbera.

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